Ads from Yesteryear…Teen Titans #20 & 24

Some months ago I bought four Teen Titans issues from the late 1960s during a Fearless Readers Online sale. As I flipped through the books, I found some of the ads in these books interesting for various reasons.

So, here are some of those ads from Teen Titans #20 (cover dated April 1969) and Teen Titans #24 (cover dated Dec. 1969).

Click the picture to see what it really looked like.

Holy smokes! I would have LOVED that as a kid, though the whole rockets and torpedoes that fire are kind of questionable. They spared no expense for your $7 (about $45 now), what with the electronically lit panel (was it a a cardboard deathtrap, or did it run on batteries?). How did this thing stay upright? How many did they sell?! How many kids were disappointed with what they got?

I wonder how many young men dragged their fathers to the local Ford dealership where Dad was ambushed by some salesman. And did you see the reference to the more than 70,000 trophies? Whuh?! I love the line about Cape Kennedy being “where the Apollo moon rockets blast off!”

This has got to be just a large rubber band, right? How many kids who were getting sand kicked in their faces by the beach bully fell for this? In the left-hand corner of this ad, there’s this:

His left pectoral muscle is missing! Wait, maybe that bulge in his bicep is filled by his migrating pec–that little circle near the bottom sure looks like a nipple. ;)

Was this the precursor of the BMG Music Service? And why is cartridge spelled that way? To emphasize that you can play them in your CAR?

Ok, not an ad, but is that THE Klaus Janson?! According to Wikipedia, it is, at least, that’s what I believe.

That’s all I have from those Teen Titans issues. I’m sure that I’ll post more ads from other comics in my collection in the future. However, if you’re looking for more ads from comic books, check out Four Color Promises. I found this blog while researching the ads shown above.

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