RandoMonday: Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #6

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Man, I love me some DC Who’s Who. Add in the Legion of Super-Heroes, my second favorite super-team, and I am loving it even more! This particular issue starts off with the “Wonders of Metropolis”, i.e., a tour of the most famous areas of the city that takes up over a third of the issue, including a page each devoted to the Legion Academy and the Time Institute. The rest of the book is filled, among other entries, with Legion characters, including Sensor Girl through Shrinking Violet and Superboy through Timber Wolf, with others in between (including Size Lad, who would go on to put the 30th century equivalent of the maker of Viagra out of business). ;) As far as villains, we get entries for the Servants of Darkness (probably the best storyline during the Levitz-era), Starfinger, and the Sun-Eater (which is really just a force of nature, but now I’m picking nits). The issue ends with an inside back cover reprint of the Legion Constitution, part 8, Voting. The only thing that mars my enjoyment of this issue is Ultra Boy’s costume: everyone else looks just fine, but that vest thing on Jo looks horrible!

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