Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

I don’t fret too much about the blog traffic, but I keep noticing that certain posts are constantly getting viewed (especially the top 2 posts). So, if you don’t mind the veil being pulled back a bit, here are the Top 10 most viewed posts at Long Box Review (which post is your favorite?):

Review of Discount Comic Book Service 1
A Review of 2
Podcast 3
Long Box Review Podcast Episode 28: A Conversation with Peter Rios 4
Extree 5
My Comics History: June – July 1979 6
A Review of Fearless Readers Online 7
Day 11 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge) 8
On Flashpoint Tie-ins, or WTF? 9
Pull List Review (5/25/11 Comics) 10

Hey, Discount Comic Book Service,, and Fearless Readers Online–maybe you could give me a little kickback? ;) Just kidding! (Unless you really wanted to…) :P

All kidding aside, I find it very interesting that the Extree, my 1979 Comics History, and May, 2011, Pull List Review posts are in the top 10. Interesting, too, that the Podcast page isn’t visited more than it is, but then, most people get the podcast from iTunes and other podcatchers.

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