Ads from Yesteryear…Teen Titans #19

A few months ago I bought four Teen Titans issues from the late 1960s (check out the first installment here). I found some of the ads in these books interesting for various reasons, so here are several ads featured in Teen Titans #19 (cover dated Feb. 1969).

This was on the inside cover. Note the text on the right side: Clip this ad and leave where parents can see. Very subtle Revell, and what sacrilege! How many kids cut off the cover of Teen Titans #19 because of this horrible money grab?! At least Revell understood that, despite the fact that the ad text is written for the parents, there is no way that the adults would be seeing this ad without a little help.

I would have loved that set as a kid!

I love that back then they needed to explain what karate is.

That’s right kid of 1968–for only $2.35 you can “lift” five grown men with your penis and break someone’s neck with a karate chop!

Yes, it’s a “groovy” game that would be fun at another person’s party. Actually, I do remember seeing this game when I was younger. I’m betting that the red-shirted boy standing behind the girl had bought those x-ray specs from issue #11. ;)

GE: We bring good things to life.

I’m actually quite impressed that GE tried to sell directly to comic book readers. What if they did that today? Well, it’d be kind of boring if the GE Consumer Electronics page is any indication.

Ok, the look on the adult’s face is creeping me out.

This is from the back cover. Yes, now kids can beat parents at some weird hybrid of tether-ball and miniature bowling. Actually, this looks like fun. I would suck at it, get frustrated, and throw the mini pins all over, but then, I’m an adult now. :P

That’s it for this issue of Teen Titans. I’ll post more ads soon from Teen Titans #20.

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