What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

For comics releasing today, these are the ones I’m really looking forward to reading.

CYBER FORCE #1: I never read the original run of this title, but when I heard that the first few issues would be free because of the HUGE response the comic got on Kickstarter, I had to check it out.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #13: Mostly I’m interested in seeing Tony Daniel draw the Justice League. I liked those first few issues of Detective Comics that he did….

MARVEL NOW POINT ONE #1: I am suddenly reminded of the Marvel Point One one-shot that was released some time ago. I wonder if all those glimpses into the future panned out? And will I be asking the same question about this issue?

PETER CANNON, THUNDERBOLT #2: Surprisingly, I really enjoyed issue 1, and am eager to see how that “cliffhanger” reveal ending is resolved.

SWORD OF SORCERY #1: I need to read this so that I can finish my podcast review of the New 52, one-year in. Plus, I was never an Amethyst fan, so this is new territory for me–will I like this book? Stay tuned.

For the complete list of what I’m getting today, see My Weekly Pull page.

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