Pull List Review: Week 1, June 2012

Here are some thoughts about the comics I read that were released during the first week of June, 2012.

Action Comics #10 by Grant Morrison (w), Rags Morales (p), Rick Bryant (i), Brad Anderson (c), Patrick Brosseau, & Matt Idelson (e)

Just some quick notes about this issue:

  • I love that early Superman had a stash of different colored t-shirts locked away in locker 38 (for 1938, the year of Superman’s debut).
  • I also liked the conversation with older Superman and his new Justice League pals, especially Batman’s response to Superman’s question (“So what do we do now?”): “I don’t want to be part of a gang of authoritarian living weapons from America.” Is that a dig to the Authority and the lack of “of America” in the title of this comic book?
  • Clark Kent is dead?! What are you playing at Mr. Morrison?I know, I know, this old plot chestnut has been done to death; I just didn’t expect it so soon in this title, and with Morrison playing with it, I hope it’s more interesting than the thousand other times I’ve read it.
  • The one thing I really enjoy about this version of Superman is the friendship between Clark and Lois that developed before Clark went to work for the Daily Planet, which is something that I don’t think they have ever done.

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 by Darwyn Cooke (w & a), Phil Noto (c), Jared K. Fletcher (l), & Mark Chiarello (e)

Screw the anti-BW screeching all over the Internet–this book is beautiful. Also, it was the one title in the series that I looked forward to the most because the one thing I always wanted more information on as I read Watchmen was the Minutemen group. Finally, I just love Darwyn Cooke’s stories and his art.

Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 by Rich Johnston, et al.

Did you get this? For $1.49 you get all the goodness of the Bleeding Cool website, though, you do lose some of the timeliness of the website. But I really enjoyed this inaugural issue and look forward to subscribing to this comic-related magazine come October (but the price can’t be $1.49, I’m sure).

Creator-Owned Heroes by Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles, et al

Where Bleeding Cool is definitely a magazine, COH is part magazine, part comic book anthology. Along with the interview with Neil Gaiman (and other goodies), you get two surprisingly good short stories–“Triggergirl 6” by Palmiotti & Justin Gray (w) & Phil Noto (a) and “American Muscle” by Niles (w) & Kevin Mellon (a). In fact, I wasn’t at all interested in “American Muscle” and I enjoyed it almost as much as “Triggergirl 6”, which is to say a bunch.

I also read:

  • A vs X #5: Yawn.
  • Dial H #2: Also yawn–this reads more like an uninteresting Vertigo version of Dial H for HERO; I’ll probably be dropping this soon.
  • Earth 2 #2: I plan to talk about this on the podcast, but I am loving this book!
  • Extermination #1: Another title I plan to discuss on the podcast.
  • Fairest #4: I love, love, love Phil Jimenez’s art!
  • GI Combat #2: I’ll be dropping this soon, I think, unless I get a Haunted Tank story.
  • Looney Tunes #207: Holy cats! A DC comic numbering in the three digits!!! I got this because I thought Daffy Duck was the main focus, but he only gets seven pages. Sufferin’ succotash!
  • Ramiel #2: I just can’t get into the art with this one. Plus, it’s a smidge taller than all my other comics. Huh?
  • Smallville, season 11
  • Superbia #4: This will relaunch as an ongoing, but I don’t feel I got a real ending to what was set up in the previous three issues. Very disappointing ending to a strong lead in.
  • Swamp Thing #10
  • Worlds’ Finest #2: Also liking this book, but not as much as Earth 2.

4 thoughts on “Pull List Review: Week 1, June 2012

    • Eric P. I. December 11, 2012 / 7:46 pm

      Actually, I expected it, especially when it was announced that Snyder would be writing the new Superman book. Him and Paquette leaving Swamp Thing, however, will likely be a huge blow to the title, and I wonder how much life it has in it after they leave.

      What about you?


      • wwayne December 11, 2012 / 10:10 pm

        I knew it wouldn’t have last forever too, but I couldn’t imagine Snyder leaving the title after such a short time, and all of a sudden. I should have figured it after the announcement of Man of Steel.
        I think that Snyder’s heir won’t think he’s a lucky guy. On the contrary, he will think he couldn’t get a more difficult task: to replace one of the most talented comic book writers, and not on a character like Batman, on whom it’s quite easy to build a good story, but on a character like Swamp Thing, who, being so weird, is much more difficult to handle, in my opinion.
        Snyder’s heir must be someone having some experience with weird characters. Lemire would be perfect, but he’ already too busy. Another “born indie” author should be a good choice.
        I would love to see Charles Burns working for a major, for example. His graphic novel “Black Hole” is the best comic book I’ve ever read. And I read it years ago, so I’m not talking on the spur of the moment. Thank you for your reply! : )


        • Eric P. I. December 11, 2012 / 11:14 pm

          All good points! Since you mentioned it, I’m going to look into Burns’ “Black Hole”. Thanks!


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