What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

Yes, this is almost a week late, but I was on holiday. :) Regardless, I’m still looking forward to these books.

BATMAN: EARTH ONE: I do not understand DC’s marketing strategy for these Earth One books (Aside: it may be before they launched the New 52, this made some sense, but now the Earth One brand just further muddies the consistency that I think DC wants with the New 52 versions of their characters. Perhaps Earth One is a contractual obligation? Perhaps the first volume of the Superman book did so well that DC is simply trying to take as much cash and recognition that they can? Is the comic book business that bad?), but I am intrigued to see what Geoff Johns and (while I do not care for his art) Gary Frank do with the Dark Knight. Plus, I just like different interpretations of these characters that I love so much. There’s room for all.

CREATOR-OWNED HEROES #2: Issue one was a delight, especially the “Triggergirl 6” installment, and all the magazine-like stuff was great fun to read as well.

DANGER CLUB #3: I just love this book and want to get the word out: read this!

EARTH 2 #3: Ditto.

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