What I’m looking forward to on New Comics Wednesday!

Hmm, there are ones involved for all of these….

ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1: I gave up on the series after issue 6, but the solicitation for the annual had me wanting a bit more Animal Man.

POWERS #10: Wow! It’s back again in a month. I dearly love this comic, but its overall publishing schedule irritates me. And you know it’s changing titles in a few months, right?

RAVAGERS #1: “Looking forward to” might be stretching it a bit. I honestly don’t see this going too far, but you never know. I’m mostly curious, and I want to give DC the benefit of the doubt for any new title. Plus, we get a red Beast Boy.

STAR TREK TNG/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION² #1: Despite the fact that the Star Trek/LSH crossover left me cold (it didn’t really accomplish anything!), I am excited for this and also nervous that I’m going to get more of the same. I love Star Trek and Doctor Who, but can they coexist in comic book form? We shall see.

SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #1: Tiny Titans was such fun (and focused on my favorite group of characters), so to have the same creative team tackle one of my favorite superheroes and his extended family? Well, I had to try it from issue one.

YOUNG JUSTICE #16: My first of this series. I absolutely adore the animated series, so I hope I get my YJ fix every month as well.

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