May Previews!

Because I’m still (still!) getting over the cold I caught two weeks ago, I’m foregoing my now usual podcast version of flipping through Previews to give you the text-based version. Plus, it’s getting too late in the month to edit another episode when I may soon be editing the Avengers movie review episode (possibly…;) ).

So, here are some things that interested me as I looked through this latest issue of Previews for items shipping in July and beyond.

Dark Horse

  • I hear that Axe Cop is a fan favorite, though I won’t go near it thanks to the Dark Horse panel I went to at last year’s ECCC (two words: annoying “creator”), however, DH is releasing a three-issue limited series if you’re into the Axe Cop concept.
  • I so wanted to buy this, but I had to make some cuts this month, but if you’ve got the dough, buy Concrete: Three Easy Pieces. It collects material from Dark Horse Presents, but it’s Paul Chadwick’s iconic character, and that’s always good.
  • Apparently Darth Maul lives in the new limited series, Darth Maul: Death Sentence. I never understood the fan love for many of the Star Wars villains….
  • Eerie Comics returns under the DH banner, if you like that kind of stuff. I almost ordered this.


  • Before Watchmen continues with Ozymandias #1. This is one I’m looking forward to reading. Yes, I am reading all of the titles. DC zombie? Perhaps, but mostly I’m curious what the creators have to say about these characters.
  • The bullet points for Action Comics #11 have me really intrigued. Superman’s new secret identity? Lois investigates Earth’s first Superman? Oh, Mr. Morrison, where are you taking us?
  • In contrast, Superman #11 explores the “true nature” of Superman’s supersuit. Yawn.
  • I hate to prejudge, but nobody can top Wolfman/Pérez’s version of Brother Blood, but the creators of Ravagers #3 are going to try!
  • Everybody seems to be gah-gah about Walt Simonson doing stuff for DC, but I’m just not excited about his art anymore. But in case you are, you can read his The Judas Coin hardcover. Actually, rereading the solicitation text, I’m interested in the plot, if not the art.
  • National Comics returns to DC, spotlighting niche or lower-tier characters into the DCnU, with issue one introducing Kid Eternity. Why couldn’t this have been part of DC Universe Presents?
  • Based on what I heard and the one issue I read of OMAC, I will eventually get the trade collection.
  • Another casualty of cost, I had to pass on the newest edition of the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow “socially conscious” stories from the 1970s, featuring Neal Adams art.
  • Oh my god, DC’s doing a new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it’s written by James Robinson?! Wtf?
  • I’m going to start repeating myself, but I had to pass on Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus. Interesting premise by the Joe the Barbarian creator. I will have to pick this up in trade, I’m sure.


  • The Crow is back, and will be back again later this year from James O’Barr, which strikes me as a weird promotional blip in the solicitation.
  • Fans of Jericho can breath easy with the release of the Season 4 comic. I never watched the show, but know full well the sting of cancellation of a beloved, short-lived tv series (alas, poor Firefly...).
  • I love the incentive cover to Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who #3 featuring Kirk, Spock, & the fourth Doctor.


  • Walking Dead #100: nuff said.
  • This wasn’t on my radar until I listened to a Word Balloon podcast recently, but I am now buying Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton. It goes against my No Zombies rule, but has an intriguing, though familiar, concept: the dead come back to life, but what appeals to me is how this event affects a Midwestern town.
  • Chew fans get a one-shot featuring Secret Agent Poyo. I read the first two Chew trades–it was ok.
  • I so wanted to buy the Enormous treasury-sized one-shot, but at ten bucks (for 64 pages), it was an easy choice. But I will get me a copy some time.
  • Oh hey! I just did a podcast spotlighting the zero issue, but now we get the Hoax Hunters series proper with #1.
  • And yet another I-couldn’t-buy-this: The Monolith hard cover. Now that Palmiotti/Gray/Winslade got the rights back from DC, Image is now reprinting this much-loved series.
  • Not on the chopping block is the newest Invincible trade: Family Ties. It collects #85-90.
  • Hey, Image, where’s my Danger Club #4, huh?! (Or did I somehow miss that this was a limited series?)


  • Man, I almost preordered X-Men: Legacy #270 because of the cover image (featuring Ms Marvel), but then I saw that it was the image from the issue before! Bah.
  • I dropped Avenging Spider-Man after issue 7, but #9 features the new Captain Marvel, so of course I’m buying it.
  • Alan Davis is drawing Fantastic Four Annual #33. And writing it. And the story continues in Daredevil Annual #1 in August? Oh, Alan, you had me at art by….
  • I’m going to mention the Word Balloon podcast yet again: I would have bought this new Captain Marvel series anyway, but hearing Kellie Sue DeConnick talk about it the way she did made me really excited to read this title.
  • Ok, I love this series, but enough with the restarts! Powers becomes Powers: FBI. Yes, I’m getting it, but sheesh. Does the title change have anything to do with the tv series?


  • Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising #1-2 are getting third printings in case you want the floppies. I say get them and go find the rest of the issues, or go buy the first trade that just came out. Go. Now.
  • All I’ve heard is how good Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand is. If I only had the money this month, I would have bought the hard cover from Archaia.
  • I read the FCBD preview of The Hypernaturals by Abnet & Lanning and enjoyed it, but, yet again, I had to make a cut and did not order the first issue from Boom!. *sigh*
  • Oni Press is re-releasing the Scott Pilgrim books, but this time in full color (by Nathan Fairbairn)! I need to read this series at some point.
  • Valiant continues its publishing plan with Bloodshot #1. I know nothing about this book, but there seem to be a huge contingent of Valiant fans out there.
  • I am soooo tempted to buy the Nightwing DC chess figurine. Not the whole set, just the Nightwing “bishop” piece. :)
  • Here’s something I really want to read: Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. This is the “first ever book about the unsung man [Bill Finger] behind the Dark Knight”. It’s not just Bob Kane who created the Batman kids.

That’s it! What did I list above that you’re buying? More important, what did I overlook that you are looking forward to?

2 thoughts on “May Previews!

  1. LQW May 18, 2012 / 10:04 am

    Danger Club is on a roughly 6 week schedule, so the occasional catalog will be skipped.


    • Eric P. I. May 18, 2012 / 10:08 pm

      Thank you for the information. Also, I loved issue one and can’t wait to read more!


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