Day 11 (30 Day Comic Book Challenge)

Favorite comic book cartoon series.


Uh, that’s easy peasy: Justice League/JL Unlimited. During its last season on Cartoon Network, it was my favorite tv show, period. It’s the DC universe in other media done right. Don’t get me wrong, Superfriends holds a special place in my heart, but JL/JLU really nailed the characters and their relationships very well. I especially enjoyed how certain storylines that happened in the Batman and Superman animated series continued on in this series (not to mention having Kevin Conroy voice Batman again). Also great was the relationship between John Stewart and Shayera as it developed over time, and is one reason that helped elevate this cartoon above simple action/adventure kiddie entertainment. The ending episodes where the JLU fight against a Darkseid led invasion was superb, and you got to see a Superman who doesn’t have to hold back, and it is awesome! If you haven’t seen this series, or missed any episodes, go rent or buy the DVD sets–you won’t be sorry.

Fyi, a very close second right now is Young Justice.

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