New Comics Wednesday (12/21/11)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! What better way to make the season bright than by reading comics (perhaps by giving comics to others?)? Comixology is having a holiday sale going on right now, so if you’re into $.99 digital comics you may want to go see what they have on sale. Of course, the real comic books (it’s not really a book unless it’s printed, right? :)) that I’m getting this week are as follows:

  • Batman #4
  • Batman, Inc.: Leviathan Strikes!: I’m really looking forward to reading this, but am wondering how this all fits into the new continuity because the Batman of Batman, Inc. is not the same guy we’re reading now.
  • Birds of Prey #4
  • Blue Beetle #4
  • Catwoman #4
  • Daredevil #7
  • DC Universe Presents #4
  • Fantastic Four #601
  • Justice League #4: LOVE! I am always excited when this book comes out.
  • Lady Mechanika #3: ?! I never saw this solicited but I must have it!!!
  • LSH #4
  • Nightwing #4
  • Supergirl #4
  • Thunder Agents #2
  • Wonder Woman #4

If you haven’t seen this already, here’s the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer. I was in the minority and didn’t like The Dark Knight as much as apparently everyone, so I’m not as excited about this last film in the trilogy–we’ll see.

Or if you prefer, the iTunes link.

One thought on “New Comics Wednesday (12/21/11)

  1. oddfellow December 21, 2011 / 7:34 pm

    My understanding is that Batman, INC.: Leviathan Strikes is out of continuity. Sounds like Steph is still Batgirl in the book even.


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