New Comics Wednesday (12/14/11)

Before I get to this week’s list of comics that I’m buying, I have to amend my planned podcast schedule. As you no doubt recall from LBR podcast episode 16 ;), I had planned to do two more episodes before the year’s end, but it looks like work and the holiday season will prevent that from happening. I may release one more episode soon, and then it will be after the new year starts before any more new podcasts are released (that is, unless something drastic changes schedule-wise). In the meantime, as you take time to reflect, please enjoy over 260 blog posts (135 from this year!) and 16 podcasts from yours truly–merry holidays!

  • Batgirl #4
  • Batman & Robin #4
  • Batwoman #4
  • Buffy, Season 9 #4
  • Demon Knights #4
  • Green Lantern #4
  • Magdalena #10
  • New Avengers #19
  • Resurrection Man #4
  • Shade #3
  • Star Trek/LSH #3
  • Suicide Squad #4
  • Unwritten #32

Didja hear about the next big Marvel event, Avengers vs X-Men (AvX), coming in April? My gut reaction to this new event was ugh, especially since it’s another biweekly, 12 issue series (like the current Fear Itself: Fearless, which I am not reading). However, I haven’t read any X-Men comics since Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men (nor any before that since about 1987) and am curious how the X-Men are doing since that Schism thing that I didn’t read. So, yes, I am curious, plus, I feel like I should check it out to review here, though I am having a hard time justifying the cost involved. I guess I’ll pick up the zero issue come March.

Finally, Marvel is publishing their Holiday Special today. I’ve purchased a few of DC’s holiday books, but I’ve never seen a Marvel one, so I may have to pick that up next time I’m in the shop.

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