New Comics Wednesday (11/23/11) & DC Funimation

Here are the comics out this week that I’m getting:

  • All-Star Western #3
  • Alpha Flight #6
  • Aquaman #3
  • Fantastic Four #600: Got this mostly out of curiosity.
  • Firestorm #3
  • GL: New Guardians #3
  • I, Vampire #3
  • Justice League Dark #3
  • Savage Hawkman #3
  • Shade #2
  • Sixth Gun #17
  • Superman #3
  • Teen Titans #3
  • Unwritten 31.5
  • Voodoo #3

Of the above, I’m most looking forward to Aquaman, I, Vampire, and Justice League Dark. For mere curiosity, I’m also looking forward to reading Shade (how will he recover from Deathstroke’s slice & dice number?!) and Fantastic Four #600.

So, did you watch the series finale of Batman: Brave and the Bold? Or how about the sneak preview of the new Green Lantern animated series? Fortunately, I did watch them before my DVR died on me yesterday! Ahhh, what can I say about Batman: B&tB? For a show that I did not care for at first (it was too campy, too tongue-in-cheek, and it wasn’t my Batman, dammit!), I did fall in love with the show over time (4 or 5 episodes, I believe), so its absence will ache in my heart for a few weeks. :D Seriously, what a great show. You go (well, I did) from hating Aquaman, to absolutely loving him, to hating that they overused him. You go from loving Batman’s interactions with all of the heroes, well known and not so well known, to being irritated that Batman took a back seat to the guest heroes. The finale–I didn’t realize at first that I was watching the finale!–was a wonderful final episode. It got very meta (via Batmite & Ambush Bug!), but in a good way, with just a touch of playful “screw you” from the writer (Paul Dini) to the business suits AND us fanboys. But the real take away was the phony Batgirl, CGI-based series trailer. I even saw on Twitter that someone asked Mr. Dini when the Batgirl show would be coming on Cartoon Network!

Green Lantern was fun. It gave you just enough to know what’s going on without hitting you over the head with backstory. Hal is cocky and gung ho as hell (he out Captain Kirk’s Kirk), but effective as a Green Lantern. I liked Kilowog and Ganthet a lot as well. Some of the ring constructs were pretty cool, too. I don’t mind the overall plot where Hal and Kilowog go off into the Frontier sectors to investigate the deaths of those GLs at the hands of the Red Lantern Corps, but I worry about the limiting factor of that, that is, if Hal and Kilowog do not end up going back to Oa for reinforcements, as they should. The animation is CGI similar to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. At first, it was a little off-putting, but over the hour I got used to it. I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

During Green Lantern, the trailer for the upcoming DC Nation block of programming was advertized. I’m not sure how much I’m going to like many of the shorts we were shown, but I am very curious about the live action Blue Beetle bits we saw. Check it out!

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