New Comics Wednesday (11/2/11)

Here we are, the beginning of month three of the new 52 from DC, and I haven’t read all of the number two comics yet (damn monthly shipping)! Let’s see, what am I getting this week?

  • Action Comics #3
  • Animal Man #3
  • Detective Comics #3: This is the comic I’m least looking forward to reading.
  • Hawk & Dove #3
  • JLI #3
  • Mystic #4: The final issue. I have to be honest–the CrossGen minis that Marvel has been putting out aren’t really doing it for me, but I appreciate the effort.
  • Red Lanterns #3: Based on issues 1-2, this is probably the most disappointing title for this week. I expected so much more from Peter Milligan.
  • Stormwatch #3
  • Swamp Thing #3: This is seriously competing with Action Comics and Stormwatch for favorite title of the week.

For many of these DC titles this month, issue three will be the determining factor in whether I will continue with them until issue six (at least, that’s the plan). The problem is, I won’t get some of these until after my order is due! So, it may be that I get up to issue six by default. This is why being able to subscribe at a brick and mortar comic shop can be advantageous, though not always in the pocketbook. But in order to experience as many of the DC new 52 as I wanted, I had to order online. I know: whine, whine, whine. :)

The Flight of Angels HC comes out today as well. That looks gorgeous (have you seen the preview pages?!), and is about angels and other fantastic creatures, so I will buy this in trade. Oh! And my Dove figurine is out! This is the only time I’ve ever bought one of these figures. I hope it doesn’t suck.

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