New Comics Wednesday (10/19/11)

Here we are half way through month two of DC’s new 52, but look later today for a new LBR podcast episode featuring a discussion between Oddfellow and myself about the DCnU Week 3 number one comics. Before that, let’s take a look at at what I plan on getting this week.

  • Batman #2
  • Birds of Prey #2
  • Blue Beetle #2
  • DC Comics Presents: Superman: Secret Identity #1: All I’ve heard for years is that this story is good. I’m looking forward to finding out for myself.
  • DC Universe Presents #2
  • Fear Itself #7: Finally, the end is here. With a few exceptions, this has been kind of boring.
  • Justice League #2: This is my pick of the week. Cannot wait to read this! (Did you know that the 4th printing of #1 is also out today?)
  • LSH #2
  • Nightwing #2
  • Red Hood & the Outlaws #2:The first casualty of the new 52. I’ll get one more issue, and then I’m done.
  • Star Trek/LSH #1: This can be full of awesome or . . . not so much.
  • Tiny Titans #45: Because it’s a special Batgirls issue!
  • Wonder Woman #2


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