New Comics Wednesday (10/12/11)

Last night I tweeted a bunch of initial reactions to the 3rd week of new 52 DC Comics that I read. Later today, I’ll be doing the same for the Week 4 books. Also, expect another couple episodes of the LBR podcast where Oddfellow and I discuss in more detail our reactions to the Week 3-4 number ones from DC.

Let’s see, what am I getting this week?

  • Alpha Flight #5
  • Batgirl #2
  • Batman & Robin #2
  • Batwoman #2
  • Buffy S9 #2
  • Demon Knights #2
  • FF #10
  • Green Lantern #2
  • New Avengers #17
  • Resurrection Man #2
  • Shade #1
  • SHIELD #3
  • Suicide Squad #2
  • Unwritten #30

So, just like everyone else, I give you the awesome sight that is the Avengers trailer:

It looks so good! Can May 4 come soon enough? I don’t think so!

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