New Comics Wednesday (10/5/11)

We’re now into the second month of the DCnU and I’ve yet to read all of the last two weeks of last month’s comics! How did you like the first month’s worth of DCnU? What about non-DC books? Is there something that I should be buying that I am not?

I’m actually looking forward to reading the #2 issues from DC more than the #1s because this will be the buy/bin decision time for me on some titles. This week’s crop of books are probably safe for another month, however. Three books are definite buys for me: Action Comics, Stormwatch, & Swamp Thing.

  • Action Comics #2: This is a definite buy.
  • Animal Man #2: I feel like this one’s a slow boil, so I should stick with it.
  • Detective Comics #2: To be honest, I’m only sticking around to find out why the Joker did what he did at the end of the last issue. Once I get that answer, I’m gone.
  • Hawk & Dove #2: It’s only my love of Dove that keeps me with this Liefeld drawn dreck.
  • JLI #2: This book should be better than it was last month. Here’s to hoping it improves significantly.
  • Mystic #3
  • Red Lanterns #2: I hope a disappointing first issue gets better or this one’s going on the chopping block.
  • Stormwatch #2: Another definite buy.
  • Swamp Thing #2: And a third definite buy.

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