New Comics Wednesday (9/7/11)

Here’s the first full week of the new DCU, and I’m looking forward to most, if not all, of the titles I decided to try. Plus, I just bought my tickets to the 2012 Emerald City Comicon! I can’t wait for either of these events! So, good week so far!!! The comics I’m getting this week should also be good.

  • Action Comics #1: Grant Morrison on Superman? Sold!
  • Animal Man #1: I loved this book back in the day. Can the magic be rebottled?
  • Batgirl #1: Gail Simone writing a superhero-ized Babs Gordon? Double sold!
  • Detective Comics #1
  • Hawk & Dove #1: I love me some Dove. Mmm, yes….
  • Justice League International #1: Gail Simone says this is going to be a sleeper hit, and I think she’s right.
  • Mystic #2
  • New Avengers Annual #1
  • Stormwatch #1: I mostly got this because I wanted to see how J’Onn J’Onz got mixed up with the Authority folks.
  • Swamp Thing #1

Did you notice that I released a new LBR podcast yesterday? :) Also, please note that you can access all the previous episodes by clicking the Podcast tab above or via iTunes or other podcatcher. Have a listen, leave some feedback (especially on iTunes!), and enjoy the reviews and conversations. And with that, I’ll stop pimping. Have a great week of comic reading!

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