New Comics Wednesday (8/31/11)

Wow, this is going to be short.

  • Angel & Faith #1: Now that Angel is under the Dark Horse umbrella along with its sister publication Buffy S9, I wanted to check out what’s happening with my second favorite vampire.
  • Flashpoint #5: The end of the DC Universe as we know it (sort of). This story started off strong for me, but the last half hasn’t been nearly as engaging as I thought it would be. I really hope I get a Wow! final issue.
  • Justice League #1: Now this I cannot wait for. Flashpoint ends the DCU, and JL starts the DCnU! Geoff Johns and Jim Lee the creators? Should be awesome.
  • Mighty Thor #5
  • Sixth Gun #14

Keep an eye (and ear) out for the next LBR podcast coming soon! Mr. Oddfellow and I spent about an hour last weekend recording a conversation about some news coming out of Fan Expo and our thoughts on the final issues of some DC comics. We plan to record some more this weekend to continue that conversation and also to talk about some new Marvel comics that we’ve read. In the meantime, if you aren’t caught up on all the great LBR podcast episodes or just want to revisit, click on over to the Podcast page, or look us up on iTunes.

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