New Comics Wednesday (8/24/11)

Here we are, the last week of the Current Age of comics, with next week being the new New Age. Or something. :)

  • Batman: Gates of Gotham #5
  • Batman, Inc. #8
  • Batman, the Dark Knight #5
  • Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #3
  • FF #8
  • Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3
  • Flashpoint: Lois Lane & the Resistance #3
  • Flashpoint: Project Superman #3
  • Teen Titans #100
  • Wonder Woman #614
  • Xombi #6

How weird that all but one title listed above is the last one. I sure hope this grand plan of DC’s pays off and isn’t the last gasp of a dying industry. What would I do with my free time?

Oddfellow beat me to it, but here’s the new DC Comics new 52 commercial, and I love it! It gets me excited for what’s to come! And the Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman shot is simply gorgeous (you can see it on the DC main page)!

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