Pull List Review (7/20/11 Comics)

Batman: Gates of Gotham #3: Based on the information that came out of San Diego ComiCon, I see now how this series will tie into the relaunch of Batman, so DC did deliver on the promise of the solicitation for this series. I’m actually now enjoying the story set in Gotham’s past, but don’t really care for the present story, which is weird for me since Dick is the focus out of all the Bat-family members, and I love Dick (get your mind out of the gutter!).

Daredevil #1: I so looked forward to this comic. How could I not like that one of my very favorite comic writers, Mark Waid, is writing one of my favorite comic book characters (not just favorite Marvel characters)? Let’s start with the Paolo Rivera cover. I love how everything surrounding DD is sound given form. The way that DD’s billy club covers his eye is, pardon the phrase, eye-catching, which then allows you to focus on the fact that DD is smiling. I recently listened to a Marvel podcast featuring Waid where he discussed his take on DD, which is, yes, a lot of shit has gone down in Matt Murdoch’s life, but he’s choosing to look past that and focus on the future (or he’ll go crazy again). So, superficially, we get the DD from many years ago (the fearless swashbuckler), but under the surface is the man who has endured a great many things, and who should kill Brian Michael Bendis for all the crap he put DD through. :) The only misstep that I see with Waid’s characterization of DD was when DD kisses a bride-to-be in the middle of fighting the Spot. I get the, pardon the pun, devil-may-care attitude, but it still reads out of character to me. I also really liked the vignette at the end of the issue that builds upon how Matt’s sensory powers affect him and are shown to us.

The Paolo Rivera/Joe Rivera art is good enough, and reminds me of Mazzucchelli’s art on the “Born Again” storyline, only less heavy and a bit more cartoony. I liked how DD’s radar sense was shown, though, it reminds me a little of the visual that was used in the Daredevil movie, but that’s not a bad thing. All in all, I’ll go along for the ride, for now.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman & the Furies #2: I definitely prefer Abnett & Lanning’s take on the Aquaman/Wonder Woman relationship/death feud when compared to what we see in Emperor Aquaman. I just hope by issue three that Diana knows about the treachery within the Amazonian ranks.

JLA #59: Interesting issue. It’s still written by James Robinson, but it reads slightly different than the last few years worth of JLA. I wonder if someone helped write this issue? Or, perhaps the new artist, Daniel Sampere, had something to do with the slightly different presentation. The Eclipso resolution came a little too fast and convenient for my taste, but I did like this issue overall, unlike previous issues in this storyline. That is, until I got to the end where, in one page, Batman announces the end of this JLA. This after Atom speechifies how this version of the JLA has been doing a good job and remain as they are as long as they want. I guess that’s what the next issue is about?

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1: This continues the story that ended in Green Lantern #67, so I am happy DC is putting out this two-issue mini to lead into the relaunch.

Zatanna #15: Hmm, compared to the last issue, I enjoyed this Derek Fridolfs story despite the familiar tropes (witch hunters, Zee being silenced, Zatarra showing up). The only problem I have with it is that the witch hunters claim they’ve hunted witches for centuries, yet this is the first time we’ve seen these particular guys? And really, if they were to go after all the magic-based characters in the DCU, would they even be around at this point? I also really liked Jamal Igle’s & John Dell’s art in this issue. Also, Zee looks kinda hot as a Puritan (is that wrong of me to think that?).

I also read Flashpoint: Deadman & the Flying Graysons #2 & LSH #15.

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