Pull List Review (7/13/11 Comics)

Alpha Flight #2: I was so excited to see Alpha Flight back, but this issue was just a little disappointing.

Batman, The Dark Knight #3: Not much actually happens in this, but it’s nice to look at. However, it bugs me when the artist gives me a two-page spread of just some random bad guy’s head. That just tells me that Finch needed to fill up two pages, but there wasn’t enough story.

FF #6: Wow, after the first five issues, and especially after the wonderful Barry Kitson art, this was a huge disappointment. I know Hickman is building a larger story with this interlude, but I want to read about the FF, not the Inhumans. Plus, I just don’t care for Paul Tocchini art (though it does remind me a bit of Gene Colan’s work).

Green Lantern #67: Holy cats, the ending! Unfortunately, the news from San Diego ComicCon spoiled this for me, but still, what an ending to the final issue of Green Lantern before the September relaunch. But first, Hal shows what an awesome GL he really is by killing a major Green Lantern universe character. And by awesome, I mean powerful and scary (at least to the Guardians). If you don’t read the comic, but still want to know, select the next bit of text to reveal the spoilery bit: a GL ring chooses Sinestro as a ring-bearer, and then the Guardians fire Hal and transport him back to Earth, no longer a Green Lantern. I can’t wait until September 14 to see how this all works out in the GL universe!

Guarding the Globe #5: If you like the larger Invincible universe, read this, but the long release schedule between issues is just irritating me.

Lady Mechanika #0-2: This is an interesting book in a couple ways. 1) When it came out: I ordered this back in February, plus issue #2 came out on the same day as this. What is up with that? *shrug* Maybe only I find that interesting. 2) I absolutely could not stand Joe Benitez’s work on the Titans title a few years back, but it works here very well. I also like the world to which I’m introduced. Something about the steampunk genre appeals to me, and Benitez’s art suits this comic very well. If he continues to put it out (hopefully on a more regular basis), I’ll buy it.

Teen Titans #97: The whole Solstice storyline is surprisingly good, and much better than the previous storyline by J. T. Krul.

I also read:

  • Batgirl #23
  • Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2
  • Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2
  • Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown #2
  • Unwritten #27
  • Birds of Prey #14: No Gail Simone, so what?

I’m enjoying the Flashpoint second issue tie-ins more than the first issues, and if you want to keep up on the world of Flashpoint, these are a must buy. Batgirl is always a joy to read, as is Unwritten, and are two titles you should have been reading from the start. :)

Disagree with my assessments? Let me know!

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