New Comics Wednesday (8/3/11) & a Review of Captain America

Here we are, the final month of the DCU as we know it. The end of everything that is DC in my Pull List. I can’t wait to see how things sit two to three months from now. In the meantime, this is what’s waiting for me this week.

  • Adventure Comics #529
  • Batman: Gates of Gotham #4
  • Flashpoint #4
  • Flashpoint: Batman #3
  • Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3
  • Flashpoint: World of FP #3
  • Mystic #1–I may regret buying this after the so-so performance of Ruse & Sigil, but here’s to hoping.
  • Secret Six #36–Le big SIGH. So sad to discover how much you like something and then find out it will end soon. Here’s to hoping that this title comes back in 2012 with Gail Simone writing it.
  • SHIELD #2
  • Superman #714

This last weekend I saw Captain America: The First Avenger. I enjoyed it. It had the right balance of being grounded (with WW II as the setting) and superheroics, though I thought the action sequences got somewhat repetitive. Chris Evans did a really good job of portraying Cap. In fact, I liked his performance so much, Marvel should use it as a blueprint on how to portray the character in the comics. One problem I have with many superhero films is that the bad guy almost always seems to outshine the hero, and that’s just wrong. Yes, we need a good villain to showcase the hero, but usually I come away with the impression that the hero was not much more than a supporting character in the film (pretty much any Batman film and especially Batman: The Dark Knight). However, the script and direction did a good job in balancing the good and bad, and Hugo Weaving did a very fine turn as Red Skull. Also good was Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips, Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine (he did what was probably the best acting in the film overall), and Haley Atwell as the love interest, Peggy Carter (she’s a little dreamy…).

As I said, the action sequences got repetitive–there was a lot of Cap shoving people with his shield and throwing the shield (I know, it’s Cap, but c’mon). Plus, how many times do I have to sit through the time is passing/plot is moving forward via action shots montage? That’s not really a knock on this film, but I’ve seen so many action films that employ that trope that I’m just tired of it. Another thing I’m tired of? Stan Lee being in the Marvel films. Go away already! Want to know one of the best things about X-Men: First Class? No Stan Lee cameo. ‘Nuff said.

There were nice bits for the fans: the Cosmic Cube, Bucky Barnes (with a nice twist on the his and Steve Rogers’s relationship that works great), seeing the original Human Torch in his glass display (no flames though), Dum Dum Dugan, and Howard Stark showing us where Tony gets his charm from and the beginnings of the tech we all recognize in the Marvel U (at least, in the movie version of it). Finally, and I can’t believe I’m complimenting this aspect, I liked that we are shown people getting shot and stabbed and evaporated–killed–since it IS a war film, after all.

What got me real excited while watching this film was the small preview we got at the end of The Avengers. It looks to be the superhero film of the year, and I think will be out the next Batman film in the box office.

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