Previews (July 2011)!

DC makes a splash, and space is the final frontier! Here’s a look at what interested me while looking at this month’s Previews catalog for stuff shipping in September and beyond.


  • I’ve already posted a few times about the new comics from DC that I’ll be getting (here & here), but here’s something new: I’ll be buying these two titles that were originally on my No Thank You list: Supergirl & Red Hood and the Outlaws. I have to admit, the solicitation text intrigued me just enough to try the first issue. What could change my mind about “I wish Jason Todd would just die. Die already!”? Only that Roy and Koriand’r are in the title. Plus, I like the preview image art.
  • DC is releasing Hawk & Dove figurine collection magazines. I will be getting Dove (she’s my precious).
  • DC Direct is releasing a Batman: Year One maquette from the upcoming animated film that looks pretty cool. If I only had the money that Bruce Wayne has. What I could buy with that….
  • Well, I could get the part 1 DVD set of the Young Justice. I don’t know if I should get this. I really like the series, but I like having the complete seasons, not these part x of y sets that studios seem to be pushing more these days.


  • Daredevil joins the New Avengers in issue 16?! As if I need yet another reason to start reading that title (more on that in an upcoming post).
  • Still not getting any of that Spider Island nonsense (well, other than the Spider-Girl tie-in, but that’s for the character, not the event), but there’s a Spider-Woman one shot that’s tempting me.
  • Since I seem to be on a New Avengers kick, there’s the Annual and a 16.1, the latter of which is drawn by Neal Adams.


  • Dark Horse is releasing a Buffy, Season 9 special, Freefall. Joss co-writes it and the lovely and talented Jo Chen returns for a cover.
  • Also from DH is the new Angel & Faith series. I never got into the IDW Angel series (though I did buy the first two trades not too long ago and enjoyed them well enough), but I’m intrigued enough with this series now to get it for a bit.
  • IDW has a new Star Trek ongoing set in the newest movie universe, and I think I will be getting it. The ad copy tells me that it’s the “classic Star Trek episodes updated in the new mythology”. Resistance is futile!
  • Image is releasing the trade for issues 1-5 of Green Wake. I was only able to get issue 2 of the comic before I read about this. I’ve canceled my orders for any floppies and will be getting the trade. I hope I don’t regret that decision since Image has announced that Green Wake is now an ongoing.
  • Frank Miller is back doing what he always does these days (nothing that visually interesting, really), this time doing it in a new graphic novel called Holy Terror (Legendary).
  • Graphitti Designs has some cool Batman shirts. One is a Batman: Arkham City logo, and the other is a logo-scape.
  • Have you ever heard of those Mighty Wallets? Well, now you can get some DC logo ones. They look pretty cool, but at $14, they seem a little pricey to me.

Star Trek: There’s so much Star Trek goodness in this month’s Previews that it gets its own category here!

  • The Angry Bird of Prey t-shirt from Antarctic Press is high-larious!
  • Test your Star Trek trivia with the Obsessed with Star Trek book. It comes with an electronic scoring module.
  • I would love to see what exactly is in the Star Trek Book of Opposites.
  • Part 2 of the Ultimate Guide is in Star Trek Magazine #37. Yes, I did order part 1 and will be getting this as well.
  • I’ll be looking for this: Star Trek Vault. It’s a history of all of the tv series as well as the feature films. This book screams MUST HAVE! at me.
  • We get two–count ’em two!–Enterprise models this month. One is the Enterprise-A and the other is the -B. I’d like to get the former. And if they ever come out with a -C, I’d be very tempted to get that as well. What about the -D, you ask? Well, they have that too! Only this one is technically a replica and appears to light up. The ad copy states that it’s imported from Japan, but then says that it’s not available in Japan. Huh? As Spock would say, fascinating.
  • Finally, first came the Enterprise bottle opener and then pizza cutter. You can have some blood wine with your favorite alien snack because now you can order the Bird of Prey corkscrew.

Last, but certainly not least, I leave you with this month’s most awesomenest item: Soylent Green Crackers!!! Made with high-energy plankton, it’s people food! HAH!

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