Pull List Review (6/29/11 Comics)

Batman, Inc. #7: I actually haven’t been enjoying the recruitment drive that Batman has been on in this series, but for some reason I really enjoyed this issue. I wanted to read more about the Native American father & son Batman and Robin analogs. The only problem I have with it is that I’m wondering how, or now IF, Morrison will be wrapping up the story before September. Of course, this series will return after the Relaunch, but will DC somehow end this series in September story-wise or just stop it for the eventual return?

FF #5: Oh, I hate Reed Richards! How dare he blast Susan in the face with a ray gun?! Ok, it was an alternate Reed who apparently prefers brunettes, which just proves that that Reed is an idiot. ;) But the look on Susan’s face when she realizes that this Reed is not hers (pre-ray-gun blast) is just so beautifully done by Barry Kitson. I now know my answer to the “Which comic book character would you want to date?” question I asked Oddfellow in LBR Episode 4. :D The two-page scene between Ben and Alicia was also a very nice moment. Finally, the part where Reed (our Reed, not the doppelgänger) is examining Susan after her battle at Old Atlantis, where she glares at him, waiting for an explanation is priceless, and then when he sits down, defeated and anxious, telling her that he’s done something terrible was just brilliantly done by Hickman and Kitson. I do believe that this is my new favorite comic. Also, reading this makes me want to create a superhero in City of Heroes with force field and invisibility powers because I love Susan so much. I know, NERD! :)

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1: Harumph! Here we get another first issue of a Flashpoint tie-in that, while providing background and world-building, doesn’t really get me into the story that will be this series. Ok, I’m probably judging this too harshly based on my frustration of all the tie-ins I’ve read so far, so I’ll try to stop doing that. I swear this story was done just so we could have a blond “Superman”. :) So, since in this world Kal-El hasn’t arrived until the end of the issue (I assume), what alien DNA do they splice with Blondie to give him Superman’s powers? Another Kryptonian? J’onn J’onzz’s? None of the above? Anyone read Booster Gold #45 who could tell me? I actually liked that editor’s box plugging the tie-in to Booster Gold–I miss that in comics.

Flashpoint: Canterbury Cricket #1: So, is he a man who thinks he is a cricket, or a cricket who thinks that he is a man? And here’s another mini-rant: the human character’s name is Jeremy Chriqui. Who besides the writer thinks that’s cute? Does Mike Carlin like the actress, or is it just that he wanted a similar sounding last name that wasn’t Cricket? I don’t understand why we needed this one-shot. The story it tells isn’t all that interesting and could have been summarized in at most a few panels in some other book if DC wanted to spotlight this character. Or is this part of the diversity campaign that DC’s on by giving us an English character?

Sixth Gun #12: Okay, first of all, go read Oddfellow’s review of this issue. For me, however, this is yet another story I’ve read recently where it’s just one long fight scene. I enjoyed it, but really got nothing out of it that moves the overall story forward. The main element I liked was at the end when Sinclair gets wide-eyed because he thought he saw a giant mummy jump onto the train (which he did). Given what we know about Sinclair (and Oddfellow points this out as well), why does a giant mummy freak him out like that given what he’s had to deal with thus far, and deal with it in a pretty calm and straight-forward manner? Either we have some fake moment of distress hoisted upon us, or there’s something going on here with Sinclair or his past that I hope turns out to be intriguing (I hope it’s the latter). As to the art, I love how Brian Hurtt uses the two-page spread to such an advantage for the fight scenes in this issue.

Wonder Woman #612: I really enjoyed the reveal of the why in this “Odyssey” storyline, but it’s nothing Earth-shattering, though, I did think that perhaps the Greek gods were behind it as a way to teach Diana a lesson as opposed to helping her defeat a greater enemy. The part where Diana goes through the portal and is confronted by the statues of her defeated Amazons was a little creepy (they had word balloons, but no words), though it reminded me too much of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. The ending splash page is interesting, but who are we seeing? Our version of Diana, Nemesis in her form, or just some illusion designed to unbalance Diana in the coming fight? Looking forward to the next issue to see how this pans out.

Xombi #4: I was disappointed in this issue as it is mostly a talking heads issue (in some cases, literally) giving us Annie’s back-story. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed John Rozum’s characters and interactions in this we-can-breath-now-after-the-post-apocalyptic-battle story, but given that we only have a couple issues left, did we really need a whole comic to give us this information? That’s unfair, I know, since this was probably scripted and drawn before any announcement from DC about the Relaunch was made, but still. I just enjoy this comic so much in general that I don’t want any wasted moments before the end. DC really dropped the ball by not including this series as part of its Relaunch. If this series were to continue, I would be more forgiving as this issue would just be building up the next chapter in the story.

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