New Comics Wednesday (7/13/11)

I got caught up on my reading . . . and then got lazy. So many reviews to write, but the new comics just keep coming!

  • Alpha Flight #2
  • Batgirl #23
  • Batman, The Dark Knight #3–Wait, what? This actually came out? It’s been 6 months since the last one, right? ;)
  • Birds of Prey #14
  • FF #6
  • Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2
  • Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2
  • Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown #2
  • Green Lantern #67
  • Guarding the Globe #5–Holy cats! Another title that finally came out. I swear it’s been at least 7 months since the last issue.
  • Superman #713
  • Teen Titans #97
  • Unwritten #27

Green Wake #4 also came out today, but I decided to stop getting the issues and buy the trade that’s coming out in a few months. Also, I ordered the Lady Mechanica Collected Edition 5 months ago, and it too is finally being released. What is up with the delayed releases?

Finally, the Incognito: Bad Influences trade released today. I highly recommend you pick this up. If you haven’t read Incognito, go buy both trades and be highly entertained.

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