New Comics Wednesday (7/6/11)

Here’s what’s coming out this week that I’ll be getting:

  • Adventure Comics #528
  • Batman & Robin #25–This was going to be my last issue of this series until I found out about the DC Relaunch. Now I suppose I’ll get #26 just to see how this volume ends.
  • Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2
  • Fear Itself #4
  • Flashpoint #3–Looking forward to this series now.
  • Flashpoint: Batman #2
  • Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2
  • Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #2
  • Secret Six #35
  • Spider-Girl #8–The final issue of this series.

I also really want to get the Revolver trade.

DC has updated its website to show which new 52 comics will be released each week. After mulling this over for weeks now, this is how it breaks down for me, with the Maybes meaning I’ll buy the first issue and see (at least for today). :)

Week 1

Definite: Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Detective Comics, Hawk & Dove

Maybe: JLI, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing

Week 2

Definite: Batwoman, Green Lantern, Red Lanterns

Maybe: Demon Knights, Legion Lost, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad

Week 3

Definite: Batman, Blue Beetle, DC Universe Presents, LSH, Nightwing, Wonder Woman

Maybe: Birds of Prey

Week 4

Definite: Aquaman, Firestorm, JL Dark, Hawkman, Superman, Voodoo

Maybe: All-Star Western, Teen Titans

20 (+10 Maybes) out of 52. I don’t understand why DC wouldn’t want to lead with Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman in the first two weeks, let alone the first week, but maybe they’re doing it this way so the fans who maybe can only get so many titles each week can try out the other, non-Big 3 titles. Who knows?

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