Pull List Review (6/8/11 Comics)

Batman & Robin #24: God I used to love this book so much. Now, the best part of this issue was the first page. That is it.

Birds of Prey #13: Ok, the bad: No Jesus Saiz on art; Junior–Yes, we’re constantly told how bad-ass this villain is, but yawn. The good: Question tells Huntress as they go off to rescue the other Birds, “Our first date,” and Huntress responds with, “Nerd.” Loved that. Does anyone else find Creote a bit creepy how he’s always shown as skulking about? There’s something to that, I’m sure, but now we’ll never get to know because of the DC Relaunch. Catman’s appearance was cool, but showing him on half a page frying an egg? Seems like wasted space. Speaking of waste, Babs makes Huntress field leader, but only because the series is ending, so it’s like a back-handed compliment in a way. I am so going to miss this title come September.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1: Out of all the Flashpoint tie-ins I’ve read so far, this was probably my favorite, and I did not expect that. Of course, I’m probably unfairly comparing this title with Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge. I always like stories about bad guys trying to do good, but we get more than that here. And then there’s poor Wally… :(

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1: I originally was not going to get this tie-in, but added it last minute because I thought I was going to get a kick-ass Aquaman story. I didn’t get that. Really, the only interesting thing in this story was Geo-Force (Prince Markov). And now we know how Aquaman flooded Europe.

Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown #1: I got this title based solely on Grant Morrison’s rendition of the Frankenstein character from the Seven Soldiers series. I liked the Ibraim Roberson and Pete Pantazis art, but the story by Jeff Lamire is just lackluster. All I hear is how great Lamire is, but all of his superhero work I’ve read just doesn’t interest me.

Unwritten #26: Tom and friends finally turn the tide against some of their enemies, and it was done very nicely thanks to Misters Carey and Gross. We also have the return of the seemingly sadistic Mme. Rausch who, in this issue, helps, or at least doesn’t hinder, Tom and company’s escape. And, at the end, we get a set up for next issue, which appears to pay homage to Golden Age comics.

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