New Comics Wednesday (6/29/11) + Podcast News

For the comics coming out this week, this is what I’ll be picking up:

  • Batman, Inc. #7
  • FF #5–This is my pick of the week. I am loving what Hickman is doing with this title.
  • Flashpoint: Project Superman #1
  • Flashpoint: Canterbury Cricket #1–The preview cover and the title alone sold this for me. Now to see if it’s actually any good.
  • Sixth Gun #12
  • Wonder Woman #612
  • Xombi #4

I had hoped to have another podcast released today (Oddfellow and I Skyped it up this last Sunday), but I discovered a limitation of using the free portion of the podcast hosting service I use (Podbean). Until I upgrade or delete earlier LBR episodes from my Podbean account, I can’t release Episode 6: Comic Potpourri. All that time I spent in post-production just to have to wait?! Ridiculous. :)

So now I’m considering whether to pony up the $$$ to upgrade my account at Podbean or move over to Libsyn where it seems I wouldn’t have to worry about storage limitations, but I could only release 2-3 episodes per month for the same amount of money. If I get more traffic, I definitely would move to Libsyn and pay more for the higher tier service, but for now a little bit of cash is enough to spend on this fun little endeavor. The downside to moving to Libsyn is that iTunes doesn’t know I’ve moved, so I’m at the mercy of the iTunes folks to change that on their end for me. Until I know that, I can’t move forward with this, and that just irritates me.

So, lessons learned. 1) Use FeedBurner to create the feed (my new RSS feed is:; that way, it shouldn’t matter which podcast hosting site you use. 2) Then submit the FeedBurner feed to iTunes. Or, know what you’re doing long-term before you commit to iTunes, namely, use a good, reputable podcast hosting service and submit that RSS to iTunes. Of course, I’m still sort of a newbie at this, so if anyone has more experience with feeds and hosting services, please educate me! :) I will be posting the end result of this situation very soon (I hope).

If you’ve ever wondered what recording a podcast is like, take a look at this:

Yep, that’s exactly how I do it. ;-)

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