Pull List Review (5/11/11 Comics)

Batgirl #21: Now that I know that Stephanie’s time as Batgirl is coming to an end, I love her spunky, irreverent attitude all the more. I love how Steph calls her adversaries “sweety” as she’s about to defeat them, and how she convincingly warns Grey Ghost to stop following her (if I were GG, I would seriously think about leaving her alone, but I’d also be hopelessly in love with Batgirl . . .). I will miss Bryan Q. Miller’s writing even more since he doesn’t seem to have a gig at DC any longer with the upcoming relaunch of the DCU.

Also something I love: Dustin Nguyen’s cover art. This guy has a great design sense, and his use of colors is fantastic. Too, remember how I told you I didn’t care that much for Nguyen’s interiors after Pere Pérez left the book? I take it back. Speaking of the artists, did someone at DC not notice that Pérez’s name is on the cover as artist, but Nguyen’s name is credited inside for the interior art? Are the editors at DC too busy with the relaunch that they’re missing easy stuff like that? You gotta figure that the talent is getting a little irritated with all the change in the air.

Batman, Inc. #6: Also affected by the relaunch is this book, which appears to be hurtling towards some sort of resolution in a few months even though it was supposed to be 2 years of Grant Morrison building a grandiose story (I know DC is relaunching the book next year, but still). I have to say, we’re 6 issues in and this story is just ok. Nothing great like the first year of Morrison’s Batman & Robin. There’s some great little moments, for sure, but I think there’s too much focus on Batman’s Batmen army building and not enough on the man himself, but that’s how Morrison seems to approach his Batman stories that I’ve read.

Birds of Prey #12: Oh my god, Jesus Saiz is on the art!!! Way back in 2009 I wrote that DC should put Saiz on a major book, and here he is on a well-respected title  . . . that’s going away in a couple months. I don’t recall seeing Saiz’s name attached to anything coming out from DC in September, and that’s just sad. But at least Saiz is doing wonderful work on this issue of Birds of Prey. I love how most of the Birds are in civvies for the issue as they infiltrate a locked down building. Oddfellow is very excited by who shows up at the end of the issue, but I have no frame of reference, so I’ll have to wait until next month to see if I should be impressed.

FF #3: This just keeps getting better and better. A lesser writer would make this a laughable story, but Hickman tosses in such great little character nuggets and grounds the grandiose with humanity, or at least super-humanity. At first, I did find the whole invite-the-FF’s-greatest-foes-to-a-defeat-Reed-Richards-symposium bit a little absurd, especially considering the academic-style invitation. Also, is it really that easy to find these villains? I mean, the heroes just go right to the villains’s hideout, strongholds, whatever, apparently without a fight. And if it’s so easy, why don’t the FF just go round them up and give them to the cops? On the other hand, I did like the characterizations of the bad guys, especially the Mad Thinker. But that aside, this is where Hickman grounds us a bit: addressing the assemblage back at FF HQ, Reed spells it out: no monkey business, or the Avengers will come down hard on them. Then a Watcher shows up, and Reed looks at his daughter and says, “What have you done?” Ok, maybe the grounding part is small in comparison, but this is some big stuff Hickman’s throwing at us. :) The rest of the issue focuses on the other Reeds, and we finally get a not so cliff-hangery ending, but still one with much portent. I never thought I’d like a Fantastic Four comic as much as I do this one, and yet, here I am.

I also read Flashpoint #1 (more on that later), Superman #711 (weak, weak story this time) and Unwritten #25.

2 thoughts on “Pull List Review (5/11/11 Comics)

  1. oddfellow June 10, 2011 / 4:20 pm

    Jesus Saiz is the artist for the new BoP. He is not doing art on issue 13 and 14 of this run of BoP so he can get a few issues” in the can” of the new BoP. As for the end of the issue, go read the first Trade of Secret Six if you have it and you’ll know Junior the way us Secret Six fans know Junior, and then you’ll know why Huntress is yelling to get the hell out of there!


    • Eric P. I. June 13, 2011 / 6:02 pm

      Are you referring to Unhinged? I have it in my stack of trades to read and looking forward to it!


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