2 x 2: FF #2 & Xombi #2

Soon I will be caught up with these titles and integrate them into my regular pull list reviews, but for now, here’s the #2 issues for FF and Xombi.

“I am Doom!”

FF #2: I think Ben speaks for everyone when he yells, “You gotta be kiddin’ me!” Dr. Doom has arrived! And what an utter prick. Just when Ben loses it completely and is about to tear Doom a new one, Sue shows up to stop the boys from rough-housing. Can I just say how much I love Sue? Ever since her appearance in Civil War I have been falling in love with this woman a little bit more every time I see her. In fact, I will be buying the Civil War trade just so that I can read her part in it whenever I want. :P I will definitely be buying the Hickman Fantastic Four trades soon. Anyway, this is a woman NOT to trifle with, and even Doom understands that. The bulk of this issue plot-wise is restoring Doom’s intelligence from a brain backup he created (Ok, how did Doom get lobotomized in the first place? I want to know! Must buy trades soon…), and it ends on another fantastic cliffhanger by Hickman! If I were Reed, I’d be having a very serious talk with his daughter. No, really, she scares me.

I have never been an FF fan, but I tried this new comic on a lark because of Hickman’s reputation, and I have to say it’s becoming one of my favorites to read. Fyi, if you’re like me and you enjoy listening to creators talk about their work, Comic Geek Speak spoke with Hickman in a recent episode. It’s specifically about SHIELD (another good book), but you get an insider’s look into the process.

Xombi #2: I love so many things about this book:

  • Nuns who curse.
  • Nuns who pack heat.
  • Novena bullets.
  • Spirit coins.

There are a few things starting to grate on me, though (already! It’s just issue 2!). One is that “weirdness magnet” bit in the intro box. Weirdness Magnet is a fine disadvantage in a role-playing game, but as a means to inject conflict into a story? Not so much. Another is the color scheme that Irving is using. Too many washes of singular color, especially the pink. Seriously, though, how does Irving keep a monthly schedule doing the drawing and coloring (by doing this kind of coloring maybe?)? Lastly, Julian Parker, the guy that involved David Kim in this whole mess, is drawn very similarly to a character in Irving’s run on Batman & Robin. There’s nothing really wrong with that, I suppose, but it bugs me.

Rozum, like Hickman, keeps upping the ante with his cliffhanger endings (though I prefer Hickman’s so far). This story had a slow but short beginning to ease us into this wacky world but has really punched up the action. I like it so far, but I also want to see some character moments with David, not just him reacting to the plot events. If I get that, this will be a seriously fine and fun comic.

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