Pull List Review (5/4/11 Comics)

Adventure Comics #526: Not much going on here, but I was impressed with the Geraldo Borges art in that it took me a few pages to realize that I wasn’t seeing Phil Jimenez’s pencils! I mean, I did notice a difference, but I thought it was the inker. I appreciated the attempt at continuity.

Irredeemable #25: My last issue. I’m still interested in where this story goes, but not enough to pay $4 for another year or two. Bye bye Boom!

Secret Six #33: Ok, now we’re talking here. I enjoyed the internal monologue at the beginning–Gail Simone is fast becoming one of my favorite writers. I also liked how the group transformed from one page to the next into demonic-looking versions of themselves–it was just a cool image. That scene between Catman and his parents was just fucked up. Imagine choosing to torment another soul in Hell as your version of Heaven. One of the weaker parts of this issue, however, was when the Six were forced to live out their fears/torments. I mean, how many times have we seen that? Although, I do admit I found the Shark’s torment damned funny. The weakest part of the story was the quick turn-around of Ragdoll’s allegiance. At the start of the issue he was all “stay and join me” and then at the end he has some sort of pivotal moment (his friends announcing their intent to stay and fight Hell, but they essentially were doing that the past two issues. What changed?) and wants to rejoin his buddies (I can’t wait to see the fallout). But at least Simone pulls it out at the end with Bane threatening to take over Hell eventually (and you believe him), and Lady Blaze revealing that Scandal’s Earthly girlfriend will be Blaze’s soon. Way to twist the knife just a little more, Ms. Simone. I liked it!

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