New Comics Wednesday (5/25/11) & the Spokane Comicon!

So, I walked into a Comicon…. No, I have no con joke for you, sorry. I do have some thoughts about the Spokane Comicon below, right after my list of comics that are out today:

  • FF #4
  • Green Lantern #66–All three GL titles listed here brought to you by the War of the Green Lanterns story.
  • Green Lantern Corps #60
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10
  • Mighty Thor #2
  • Ruse #3
  • Spider-Girl #7–The penultimate issue.
  • Xombi #3–I’m so behind on reviewing this title, and I so badly want to!

So, last Saturday I took my brother (not so much the comic fan that I am) with me to the 5th annual Spokane Comicon. For $5, I feel I got my money’s worth. This year when we arrived (close to noon), they still had plenty of printed programs. Because of the time, we quickly went into the auditorium to attend the first panel. It was How to Break Into Comics with two gentlemen who are part of Creators Edge. The panel really should have been titled How to Make Your Own Comics. I really wish Scott Allie, an editor at Dark Horse Comics, would have been a participant on this panel to give his perspective on things (not to mention the many artists in attendance, but they were busy making art, I know), but I did learn some stuff, and realized I probably do not want to make my own comics–it sounds like too much work! :) Scott Allie did host his own Q&A on behalf of Dark Horse, which was pretty informative. I don’t care for most of the licensed stuff Dark Horse puts out, but I am looking forward to the Buffy and Angel comics coming out later this year. The rest of the time, my brother and I wandered around the artist room and looking at all the stuff for sale. I did buy George Pérez’s Crimson Plague and The Ray mini-series, which I’d been wanting to read for a while–all for $7.

I also found on the free swag table a manila folder titled Confidential. In it was a 24-hour, black & white comic by Derek Ellis produced on sheets of printer paper. It’s not the best work I’ve seen (he’s a first time comic creator as noted in his introduction), but I applaud the effort–Mr. Ellis created a fucking comic (in 24 hours no less!), which is more than I’ve done. Mr. Ellis, if you ever find this page, please, contact me, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

The vendor area was twice as big as last year, and I saw a lot of people dressed up, including representatives from the various Lantern Corps (I really wish I had snapped a pic!), so I see that as a good sign of growth for this little con. Most of my criticisms of last year’s con seemed to be absent this year, so I appreciated that (not that I had anything directly to do with that, mind you). I like to go to cons for the panels (information) and shopping (but I’m not into getting original art or sketches), so my only real complaint is the lack of panels, both in number and participation from those in the biz, but it is a one-day con in Spokane–as it continues to grow, I’m sure this area will improve.

If you went to the con, I urge you to take their survey so that they can continue to improve the show and make it even better for next year. And my brother? He said he had a good time. He especially liked the panels since he said he learned some stuff about comics (okay, he really liked the pretty girls who were dressed up). I was very impressed with his willingness to tag along with me as I sat in the panels (tweeting), searched through boxes of comics, and talked with a few people (like Craig, the owner of the Comic Book Shop). We hadn’t spent any time together like that in a very long time–we need to do it more.

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