Pull List Review (4/20/11 Comics)

I have been so lazy. I read these comics a few weeks ago, and yet, here we are over a month later. Bah! Enough self-flagellation! On with the reviews!

Green Lantern #65: Since the GL power battery is compromised, Hal gives the other Earthmen GL’s the rings of his former “band of brothers” (now trapped in the Book of Oa). It was interesting that John was going to choose the orange ring, but Hal talked him out of it. I would have liked some more on John’s choice, however. What was going through his head as to why he’d want the ring of avarice? And why does he get fatigues with a headband for a uniform? Hal doesn’t wear a jet pilot’s uniform. The other two wear variations of their GL outfits. Is this really how John thinks of himself?

Green Lantern Corps #59: I just like the cover. I’m glad I’m not reading this regularly–I can’t stand the interior art (assuming the artist was on before the War of the GLs started).

Sigil #2: I liked this issue much better than the first one, despite the fact that I’m really no closer to understanding what the heck is going on. Too, the period language got a little grating since there was so much of it. You would think I would appreciate the authenticity of the narrative, but it mostly stuck out like a sore thumb, as if the writer was trying to impress me with his knowledge of 17th century sailor talk, and I love Mike Carey’s work usually. I’m still somewhat engaged by the story, but we’re two down with two to go, so I’m wondering when things will start moving.

Sixth Gun #11: My favorite character is this series by far is Becky. Cullen Bunn has created a very interesting fantasy/horror story wrapped in a Western setting. They should make a movie out of this. I did find it strange and was somewhat pleased that a new storyline starts with the next issue, #12. How will the story up to #11 be traded now? Or is this one of those rare comic books where the story just goes as long as it needs to, and is not “written for the trade”?

Teen Titans #94: So we have the ultra-brooding Raven back (see, this is the trouble with reading comics for a long time: everything old is new again), and I find it very annoying. I did like, however, Solstice’s comment to Red Robin (god, I hate typing that name out–pick another identity, Tim, now that Bruce is back): “And here I thought all Americans only knew about Greek mythology”. Pretty much. I have to admit, I know almost nothing about Hindu mythology, but I’d like to know more now.

Zatanna #12: I actually enjoyed this issue, the first time through it. Zee got to use her powers in an inventive way, even if it wasn’t her that figured out what to do (ok, in a way she did, but the fairy gets most of the credit). Though, the palindromes at the end did get a little grating, but at least one of the characters pointed that out to Zee. Also, I loved the bit at the beginning with Zee using flash cards to practice words she may need to use. And then there was the page and a half wher Zee is touring magical spots in San Francisco–I liked the narrative there. On the negative side, however, “Backslash”? Really? Wouldn’t “Backspace” be more appropriate? Anyway, it’s as if Sturges used this issue to show how clever he is with words, but it falls very short, and the joke goes on too long. I want to be done with this series, but I keep thinking it’ll be canceled soon (maybe after August’s issue, when the DCU starts all over again?), so at least I’ll have the full run (and I do love the character). Is that worth it…? At the very least, I’ll get some lovely Adam Hughes covers for a few more months.

I also read JLA #57 and LSH #12 (such a ringing endorsement of those titles, wouldn’t you agree?).

2 thoughts on “Pull List Review (4/20/11 Comics)

  1. oddfellow May 23, 2011 / 2:17 pm

    Dini didn’t write Zatanna #12 just as an FYI, it was written by Matthew Sturges.


    • Eric P. I. May 23, 2011 / 6:34 pm

      Gah! I did notice that and meant to go back and correct it but forgot.


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