Previews (May 2011)!

While looking through this month’s Previews for comics shipping in July, this is what caught my eye.


  • First up and back again! The long-awaited New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel (supposedly) comes out in September. This I will be ordering in the hardcover edition. I can’t express enough how excited I am to read this. !!!
  • Hmm, I sense a trend. First, DC released a Brightest Day: Aftermath, and now, there’s a War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath. Why can’t this be part of the main title?
  • Many of the covers to the numerous Flashpoint tie-ins look pretty cool, especially the Deadman and the Flying Graysons and Wonder Woman and the Furies.
  • The first of the DC Retroactive series are coming. I like this idea, but I am concerned: can you capture lightning in a bottle again? Still, seeing some of the old guard return is exciting, like Martin Pasko and Eduardo Barretto on Superman and Dennis O’Neil and Mike Grell on Green Lantern.
  • 4 DC Comics Presents issues are solicited, and I want them all!
  • Fables #107 features art from Terry Moore, so I’ll be getting that.


  • I love that Marvel is putting out comics based on classic literature, and this month they solicit the end of the Emma and Ozma of Oz limited series’. I have no desire to read these, really, but I like that Marvel is printing these. I hope they do more.
  • Captain America #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven. Cap is one of those characters that just doesn’t interest me enough to get this.
  • What I will be getting is Daredevil #1 by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin on pencils. I have to admit that what little I’ve read about this new series has me a little worried, but it’s Mark Waid!
  • The cover to Moon Knight #3 looks bad ass, but it’s Alex Maleev, so what would I expect?
  • Umm, what is Wolverine doing behind Deadpool on the cover to Wolverine & Deadpool: Decoy? What a weird image.
  • Brian Michael Bendis has yet another creator-owned book, Brilliant. I like the premise, but I can’t get behind Mark Bagley on art.
  • If you missed Nemesis, there’s a trade coming that you can skip. Trust me.
  • What I won’t skip is the trade of the first six issues of Avengers, though, again, the artist (John Romita, Jr.) does not excite me. I’s also like to get the first New Avengers trade.
  • If you missed, as I did, the Marvel Point 1 issues, you can get a trade of them all.

Dark Horse

  • There’s a new Dollhouse limited series, but I just don’t care. I actually enjoyed the series (though not as well as other Whedonverse shows), but the idea of a comic based on the show just does not excite me.
  • However, the Serenity: Better Days and Other Stories HC collection does have me wanting it, despite the fact that I have most of what makes up this collection. What I haven’t read (and I’m not sure how that happened) are the “Other Half” and “Downtime” stories. When this comes out in TPB, I will be getting this.
  • There’s a comic based on a show that hasn’t debuted yet, Falling Skies. I’ll watch the show.


  • The Complete Echo (Abstract Studios) is very tempting. I bought the first trade based solely on Mr. Moore’s work on Strangers in Paradise, and since Echo is ending, this huge collection sounds like a must buy for me.
  • Speaking of Terry Moore, here’s another series, Rachel Rising, that looks interesting.
  • Heavily hyped on the Comic Geek Speak podcast, Fracture (Action Lab Entertainment) appears to have an interesting premise. I might get this if I can find it real cheap somewhere.
  • The Unknown trade from Boom! is only $10. $10!
  • There’s a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (Top Shelf) based in 1969. That should be fun.
  • Did you know that Grant Morrison wrote a book about superheroes called Supergods? Random House is releasing the hardcover in July.
  • I am so very tempted to buy issue 50 of Back Issue magazine, which features Batman in the Bronze Age (my favorite Age).
  • I really like the Batman and Wonder Woman Flashpoint t-shirts from Graphitti Designs.
  • Finally, I am drooling over the vinyl wallscape of Serenity from Quantum Mechanix. I would looooove that on my wall.

What looks good to you in this month’s Previews?

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