New Comics Wednesday (5/11/11)

I had a great Free Comic Book Day last Saturday! What about you? I loved seeing all the people in my LCS picking up free comics, but also buying the not free stuff. In fact, while I was looking for back issues, a woman asked for some help wanting to know how to navigate the back issue boxes. She actually asked me if I knew how to look for stuff. Do you hear that Craig and Matt? You’re welcome. :)

Also, I saw Thor with the family. I enjoyed it well enough, but man, those back and forth scenes from Earth to Asgard got old real fast. I swear if I saw that stupid teleporter beam one more time…. Chris Hemsworth did a fine job as Thor, but there was not enough of him on Earth with Natalie Portman’s character. The two fight scenes where Thor kicks ass with Mjölnir were awesome. If you don’t want to be spoiled about the post-credits scene, READ NO FURTHER (or jump to the paragraph after the next one at any rate)!

The Marvel nerd in me squeeed a bit when Nick Fury opened the case and we saw a Cosmic Cube! Given that we saw Thor’s hammer at the end of Iron Man 2, can we expect to see the Cube show up in Captain America? Will it play a part in him being put into suspended animation at the end? (Side note: my family all looked at me like wtf was that? I had fun explaining the significance of the Cube.)

Previewed at Thor was Green Lantern. Wow. That trailer looks rockin’! Of course, so did Thor‘s trailer, but still. My summer movie watching is jam-packed with potential funness.

My list o’ comics this week:

  • Batgirl #21
  • Batman, Inc. #6
  • Birds of Prey #12
  • FF #3
  • Flashpoint #1
  • Superman #711
  • Unwritten #25

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