Pull List Review (4/13/11 Comics)

Adventure Comics #525: I really liked that Night Girl and Cosmic Boy actually got married and were having a child in the 5YL version of the Legion, but in this incarnation, not only do they not seem to be together, Night Girl is rather snarky to Cos. See how much I love the Legion? I’m discussing the relationships like it’s some kind of soap opera (well, that’s not really a stretch for this team). Poor Power Boy and Lamprey. All these years in the Academy and they get Takron-Galtos security detail? Well, at least there appears to be a resolution for them. So, who is your favorites of the new blood? Gravity Kid reminds me of Cosmic Boy as the voice of reason, and I like the distinctive look Phil Jimenez has given him, especially his hair and beard. Chemical Kid is cool. He’s the spoiled, rich kid, but he also doesn’t take crap from his betters. He’s a good catalyst for conflict. I love Jimenez’s design for Dragonwing, but her powers are weird (firebreath and acid venom?). Comet Queen is just lame. I’ve never liked this character. And Glorith is a mage. Meh. I prefer the alternate Glorith from the 5YL story.

Batgirl #20: God, I love that cover! Remember when I was complaining that Dustin Nguyen was the artist on this book instead of Lee Garbett or even Pere Perez? Forget I said anything, especially when we get yet another artist for this issue (Ramon Bachs), who isn’t quite my cup of tea. I always get nervous when you get a bunch of artists on a  relatively new book. I loved Stephanie’s enthusiasm when she realizes that she can mix and match her batarang cartridges (which, of course, comes into play at the end of the story). In fact, Stephanie’s enthusiasm is one of the major reasons I read this title. Bryan Q. Miller just makes her a lot of fun. Not fun, I’m guessing, is the newest villain introduced on the last page. She just looks like a bad 90s villain. We’ll see, I guess. I would like to make one request of TPTB regarding Batgirl’s costume: get rid of the thigh belt. Hell, even Batgirl’s made a comment about that thigh belt in a recent issue. It just looks dumb.

Batman & Robin #22: There was only one thing that was interesting about this second three-issue story arc of this series: the villain is killing off the relatives of existing Batman rogues, having subscribed to the idea that the relatives are tainted in some fashion. That’s it. No interesting character moments bewteen Batman or Robin or anyone else. This book used to be my favorite to read when Grant Morrison was writing it. After the next three-part story involving Jason Todd, I’m done.

Birds of Prey #11: I love this cover as well (drawn by Stanley Lau). So, until I read the solicitation for this issue, I had no idea that Huntress and Catman (Mr. Bad Ass himself) had a thing. I liked how the Secret Six had a connection to this story while not being overtly involved. I enjoyed Huntress getting to shine a bit. What I didn’t care for was the stereotypical “I’m going to make her hate me so she doesn’t try to save me” ploy that Catman does. I assume that this issue takes place before the current story in Secret Six? Lame-o.

Superman #710: This was an okay story, I guess. Let me rephrase that: I enjoyed the frame story much more than the main flashback story. Batman spells out what’s wrong with Superman, which has been said before by other characters, but I think that because of the relationship between these two, Superman will take what Batman says to heart. I love too, how Batman pitches “Superman, Inc.” to Superman. Batman; superhero pitchman. :D I didn’t care for Batman referring to Superman as “Smallville”. That’s Lois’s line, and I prefer it when Batman calls Superman, “Clark”. But it’s a small nit.

Unwritten #24: I just wanted to promote the return of Pauly Bruckner, foul-mouthed hare. And I love that cover!

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