Pull List Review (4/6/11 Comics)

Brightest Day #23: Oh, I do not like where this story is going for my pretty, precious Dove. We’ve known since the beginning of this series that Capt. Boomerang is meant to throw his black boomerangs at Dove, and Digger gets one step closer to doing just that. But what will that mean? (Please don’t let it mean Dove is dead, oh please please please.) Will her taking a hit allow for Earth’s savior to come to be? So, Swamp Thing has become corrupted by the Black and is out to kill the Earth, but the end of the story reveals that Earth’s savior is the wasted body of Alec Holland. Hmm, I’m going to go out on a limb (not really) and guess that Alec and Swamp Thing fuse in some way and becomes Earth’s White Lantern. Also in this issue, we get (sigh) some Earth Elementals in the forms of the Hawks, Aquaman, J’onn J’onzz, & Firestorm. Really? Earth Elementals? Again? I’m so tired of that trope, even though I like that these characters are playing that role, though Firestorm has already been an Elemental. What does this mean for the upcoming Aquaman series that follows Brightest Day? Or does the elemental aspects just vanish after this latest threat is overcome (probably)? So many questions and only one more issue to answer them (and the Aftermath follow-up miniseries). Can’t wait for #24!

Irredeemable #24: Sigh. I want to know how Tony (Plutonian) gets out of the prison he’s in and who his mysterious benefactor really is (it must have something to do with Modeus though), but I don’t think i care anymore. I used to have to stick with a comic until a storyline wraped up, but it’s been 24 issues and nothing seems to be wrapping up in any way and I’m just getting more and more bored. Good-bye Boom! It was fun getting to know ya.

JLA 80-Page Giant 2011: What a disappointment. I read the solicitation copy and decided to chance it. I should have listened to my gut and passed on this $6 (!) turkey (I do like the “Artgerm” cover, though). You should too.

Secret Six #32: Ok, Catman has become my new favorite bad-ass in the DCU. Here’s a guy who was a third-rate Batman clone (sort of) and under Gail Simone’s artful pen (keyboard?) has become (dare I say it?) even more interesting to me than Batman. The dude kills a demon with a couple knives and grit! BAD. ASS. And Ragdoll is a hoot and a half (though I can see how he could get very tedious at times, especially over time–I’ve only been reading for a few issues). Yeah, I need to go read all of this series.

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