Pull List Review (3/30/11 Comics)

Incognito: Bad Influences #5: Sad that this limited series is over, but it also wasn’t as good as the first volume, but that just may be because I was so wowed by volume 1. I love this concept and the Sean Phillips art is perfect for the tone of this story and character. I guess what I was reacting to in volume 2 was that it’s a middle story. It’s still a good story, mind, but where it ends up–Wait. I got it. It ends with the protagonist in a bad spot, and I wanted him in a better place by story’s end. Of course, that runs counter to the noir aspect of Incognito, so it’s working just fine, thank you. :) Of course, I’m looking forward to the next story of Incognito.

Scarlet #5: Once again, Bendis pulls me back into caring about this girl and her story. Every issue since #2 has been, for me, do I really want to read this book? It’s an interesting concept, and visually cool (but I love Alex Maleev’s art anyway), but I was afraid the consequences of what Scarlet did when she shot several police officers was going to be a little too nonexistent, or comic booky, to be believed, but Bendis has deftly pulled it off so far. I loved the panel where Scarlet tells us she needs to go outside and address her followers, but she just sits there for a few moments because she knows everything will change once she does that. Also, and I don’t know yet if this is a good or bad thing for this comic, I really like the female detective in the story, probably more so than the title character.

Teen Titans #93: I recently quipped, “So is Solstice this Teen Titans’ Danny Chase?” Another person suggested she was more comparable to Kole. Of course, I was joking (was I?), because so far, this new character is likable and perhaps interesting (it’s too soon to tell), but this comic isn’t. I had high hopes that when J. T. Krul and Nicola Scott came on board that my once favorite superhero book would find itself again. That hasn’t been the case so far for me. The only interesting thing in this issue was the way that Raven considered Solstice and how the new girl affected Trigon’s daughter.

Wonder Woman #609: As I tweeted recently, this is the best story of the “Odyssey” storyline so far. I know many out there are thinking, “yeah, but the best is still pretty stinky…”. I enjoyed the portrayal of Dr. Psycho as Diana’s guide, and how Diana, perhaps for the first time in this storyline (my memory is short, however), rose above her angry, “I’m a warrior” attitude to achieve something. Plus, I love the cover with all of the Diana’s of the past battling each other. Have I mentioned how good the Don Kramer pencils are? There some really lovely shots of Diana in this issue. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Zatanna #11: Hmm, I love the Adam Hughes cover. As far as the content, just go read The Comics Rogue’s review of this issue–it says everything I want to say about #11 and then some.

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