Pull List Review (3/23/11 Comics)

Batman, Inc #4: One of the things I love about Grant Morrison’s work on Batman is how he is able to effectively bridge the old Batman stories with the new, and how it’s ok that the Batman we know today acted a little goofy at times in his past. Well, I’m ok with it at least. If you can’t celebrate a character’s long history in some way, then what’s the point? Anyway, this issue featured Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman, and presented her in a way that made her really interesting to me. Having recently read some of Batwoman’s earlier adventures in DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories v. 1-2, I didn’t care for her (but that had really more to do with the sexist portrayal of the character back then). In fact, Morrison’s story paints her in an opposite way than those old stories (she was strong, independent, and intelligent), while still remaining true to the essence of those old stories. I wouldn’t mind seeing this Batwoman in current continuity. Not that I have anything against the latest Batwoman–I wish DC would hurry up and release that series finally! In fact, the current Batwoman’s story takes up half of the modern story in this comic, with Batman’s forced fight with El Gaucho taking the other half. All in all, there’s a lot of story for your $3 in this book, and Chris Burnham did an outstanding job of drawing two different era’s (in fact, there are times when his art is Frank Quitely-esque). As far as I’m concerned, DC can keep Burnham on the book and put Yanick Paquette somewhere else that better suits him.

Green Lantern #64: Wow. The shit has hit the fan in this issue. There are some really cool images in this book, and Randy Mayor did an outstanding job considering how many different color lanterns corps members are represented in this storyline. I mention it because (and yes, I know color artistry has changed considerably in the last 30 years) I remember reading old issues of Green Lantern and sometimes the greens would be yellow at a time when the Lanterns’ rings didn’t work on anything that was yellow–whoops! Back to the cool images, though. There’s the two-page splash of Krona and the entities, the two panels of Hal and Sinestro touching rings (aww, how sweet! ;) and the resulting explosion of power, and finally the one panel from Sinestro’s ring’s pov as we see Hal bending over to pick it up. Doug Mahnke’s doing some cool work here. (Despite the fact that there are four [4!] inkers on this issue, the quality doesn’t suffer, so good work all around.) So far, I’m liking this “War of the Green Lanterns” mini-event. So much so, I’ll be picking up the Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: Emerald Warrior issues as well.

JLA #55: Hmm. The only interesting thing in this comic for me now is this weird relationship thing that James Robinson has going on between Supergirl and Dick Grayson. Otherwise, all we have is yet. Another. Issue long. Fight scene. That and I don’t care for how Brett Booth draws the female characters (that shot of Donna Troy calling the Watchtower is just perspective done poorly), which is to say, all the same, at least the faces. All the women seem to have the same egg-shaped heads, eye shape, and hairstyle. Yup, I’m done with this book as soon as this storyline wraps.

LSH #11: You know the only interesting bits of this issue? Mon-El taking the reins of Legion leadership, though tentatively, and the results of the Legion election revealed in the letter column (man, it’s weird to refer to a “letter column” in a comic again). We are told almost 20,000 votes were given, with Mon-El coming out on top over Brainiac 5 by 214 votes. My vote for Shadow Lass came in at 882 (8th). (Shh, don’t tell anyone, but I also voted for Phantom Girl from another IP address and she came in 4th.) Why the ladies? Because I find them more interesting as characters, and I don’t think we have enough female leadership in the Legion (or anywhere else, for that matter). By the way, Earth Man came in 3rd, which would have been VERY interesting if he’d won (though, explain that within continuity, since only probably Shadow Lass would support him). In fact, bringing back Earth Man is something Paul Levitz should do asap–having that character in play has been the only worthwhile bit in this comic so far.

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