New Comics Wednesday (4/20/11)

So, I went to Spokane to the great Comic Book Shop to get three weeks of comics I had waiting for me, and I cannot believe that I still have comics to read! What the hell is wrong with me? I used to devour the comics right after I bought them, but I’ve noticed I haven’t been doing that lately. Am I just starting to savor them a bit more? Is that what getting older does to you? Or is it the unthinkable: am I tired of the comics I usually read? Hmm….

In this week:

  • Green Lantern #65
  • Green Lantern Corps #59–For the “War of the Green Lanterns” storyline.
  • JLA #56
  • LSH #12–It’s the LSH vs. the LSV! I should be more excited about this.
  • Sigil #2
  • Sixth Gun #11–When I was in the CBS, I was able to get my hands on issues 7-10, so now I’m all caught up!
  • Teen Titans #94–This title is not long to continue in my collection.
  • Zatanna #12

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