My Comics History: Aug. – Sept. 1979

Back again with a stroll through memory lane!

Battlestar Galactica #9 (Aug. 1979): I was HUGE into BSG back in the day. It was my favorite sci-fi thing after Star Trek, plus it was on every week. It was only natural for me to try the comic. I know I had at least two issues of this title, and this was one of them. I remember thinking that this particular comic was way off from what the show was about, and I didn’t buy any more issues after this one. This probably started my “no media tie-in comics” rule that I broke only when Buffy, Season 8 came out (oh, and Star Trek comics, but that doesn’t count).

Justice League of America #172 (Aug. 1979): This is the one where Mr. Terrific is murdered by his fellow JSAer, Flash (well, a possessed Jay Garrick at any rate). I had no idea what a big deal this was at the time (I had no idea who Mr. Terrific even was!). In fact, I think there was a recent JSA story having ties to this JLA issue–funny how all those old ideas keep popping back up. I love how the cover is a huge red herring in that Batman literally points at a swatch of red that doesn’t belong to the killer (psst, hey, Bats, look two people to your left!). So, was Batman the world’s worst detective that day?

Amazing Spider-Man #199 (Sept. 1979): I don’t remember a thing about this issue, but I do remember that cover. Oh, and what kind of lame villain wears a fishbowl?


Also out in August that I find interesting in some way:

  • Best of DC #2: The Batman issue. I had to wait a few years to get this digest. In fact, I remember having a dream where I found this comic on the shelf in a convenience store near my house–I was so happy! Then I woke up. :(
  • Flash #279: I remember this cover quite distinctly, and it’s only been in the last few days that I recall why: at Emerald City Comicon I bought a bunch of the DC digest books that came out about this same time period, and one of them was a Year’s Best. In that digest was a bunch of covers voted by DC staffers as the best for the year, and this issue of Flash was chosen as one of the best.
  • Man-Thing #1: I actually do not care for this character, but it seems to have a soft spot in many Marvelites’ hearts, plus it’s a number 1 issue.
  • Iron Man #128: The famous “Demon in a Bottle” story starts here. I have never read this story, but I wish I could have picked up those issues then.

And in September:

  • Green Lantern #123: I don’t recall this issue when it came out, but I did find it a couple years later. It’s one of those definitive covers for Green Lantern, I think.
  • Rom #1: The Space Knight! Again, I never got this issue, but I did eventually get an annual of this series that I kept for a long time.

Looking ahead a bit, it appears to be slim pickings, and I think I know why, but more on that next time!

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