Previews (April 2011)!


  • Why do we need Doomsday back in Superman’s world? Again?
  • There’s a DC Universe: Legacies hardcover? Really?
  • Oh! A Firestorm trade collecting his 1970s stories. I’ve always wanted to read those.
  • Holy cats! Look at all those Flash trades DC is releasing. Gee, I wonder why…. ;)
  • I need to think long and deep about getting that New Teen Titans Omnibus HC. I have the issues, but being able to flip through them all would be nice.
  • The Revolver trade is coming out! I really want to read that!
  • Scalped has reached 50 issues. I really need to buy the trades.
  • OMG. The Secret Society of Super-Villains collection is coming out, including the very rare Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2. Why, DC, why must you release this as a HC? My June bill is already 2-3 times what I normally spend, dammit.
  • Oh, the Static Stock Special is a tribute to the late Dwayne McDuffie.
  • Okay, in Superboy #8, “Everything so far has been building up to this story, which kicks off here!” Umm, if you had kicked it off 5 issues ago, I might still be reading this book.
  • Superman/Batman #85: It’s billed as the first team-up between Supes and Dick Grayson as Batman. I’ve been wanting to read that story since Dick put on the cowl!


  • Alpha Flight is back! It’s a limited series, so I’ll probably get this.
  • What’s this? Avengers: Infinity Quest #1 collecting Avengers 7-9 for $4.99? Following DC’s DCP line? Or has Marvel been doing this for a while and I missed it? I might have to try this out (it’s certainly cheaper than buying those 3 issues individually).
  • Yes! A new Criminal mini. I’ve only read one Criminal story and enjoyed it, though not as well as Incognito. Getting it anyway.
  • A new version of Daredevil: Yellow is coming out. If you like the Loeb/Sale team and DD’s yellow costume (like I do), you check this out.
  • How did I miss that Barry Kitson is drawing FF? Dammit. I think I need to run to the comic shop to se if #1 is still on the shelf.
  • Speaking of the Loeb/Sale team, here’s the Hulk: Gray trade. I never read that mini, so I may have to follow my own advice.
  • Speaking of Incognito, the “Bad Influences” trade is coming out. Go get it.
  • The Mystery Men description only says “Classified”? Way to sell me on the title, Marvel.
  • Wait. S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming out with a new #1? Why do that?
  • The last issue of Spider-Girl (#8) arrives. Too bad they killed that one. While not nearly as good as Batgirl, I did enjoy the first few issues.
  • A new Supreme Power mini? I haven’t read this title since JMS left the book. I kind of want to read it though….


  • Boom! is having a sale: “Try 35 Pixar/Muppets books at 63% off!”
  • Is anyone reading the Stan Lee stuff?

Dark Horse

  • Dammit! I just realized that I forgot to order DH Presents #1 last month. Oh well, at least you can get #2 in June.

Dynamite Entertainment

  • Is anyone interested in Kirby Genesis? It’s written by Busiek with art by Ross. (Dirty little secret: I don’t care for Kirby’s work. I understand his contribution to comics, but I still don’t think it’s all that.)
  • Hmm, Dynamite is rereleasing Vampirella #1 with a Tim Sale cover. I have never read any Vampirella, so I might get this just to see what it’s all about.
  • Why is it that I’m intrigued by the Warlord of Mars series?


  • Huh. IDW is releasing Hero Comics 2011 with a story by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith & Mike Dringenberg. Plus some other folks. I just might get that.
  • If you enjoyed the comic adaptations of the first 6, original cast Star Trek films, here’s an omnibus for you.


  • Wow, there’s a lot of Art of… books this month.
  • Dammit. I missed another intriguing sounding title from Image (like I did with Halcyon, Infinite Vacation, & Morning Glories). This time it’s The Mission, with #5 coming out.

I think I’ll stop there. If I see anything worth mentioning about the smaller publishers, I’ll do another post (or tweet them). What’re your thoughts on the June Previews catalog?

One thought on “Previews (April 2011)!

  1. Leonard Snart's Gun April 11, 2011 / 9:26 am

    I’m getting Kirby: Genesis. It’s Busiek and Ross, two of the driving forces behind Astro City and the guys responsible for Marvels. Ross is my favorite artist and Busiek is up there in my favorite writers. For me, it’s a no brainer.


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