On Flashpoint Tie-ins, or WTF?

I was just looking at what’s being published in June by DC Comics and saw all of the Flashpoint books. Now, I enjoy myself an event (okay, I’ll admit I’m a bit of an event whore), but wow, them’s a lot of books! I enjoy the ride and whatever OMG moments or entertaining nuggets that come out of events (thank you Crisis for that outlook), so I look forward to whatever event DC or Marvel comes out with. I’ll be reading the main book, but in glancing at the tie-ins for Flashpoint, I find myself feeling a bit meh about them, which isn’t how I felt about Blackest Night or most of its tie-ins. Blackest Night just seemed to have a bunch of buzz about it, whereas Flashpoint doesn’t (at least, not yet). So, just how do the mini-series and one-shots stand with me? Despite having almost no information (as you can see below), let’s take a look anyway, shall we?

Limited Series


Written by ADAM SCHLAGMAN Art and cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA FLASH FACT! He survived the crash!

Umm, ok. So Abin Sur is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and…? Why should I care? You see, only giving us a very tiny description may have been the wrong tactic for DC. I’m not excited about this, even though I always enjoyed Abin Sur as a character, especially since Geoff Johns gave him a backstory that tied him into Blackest Night. The creative team doesn’t do anything for me either. I’ve heard of Adam Schlagman, but not the artist.


Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO Art by EDUARDO RISSO Cover by DAVE JOHNSON FLASH FACT! He spends his days running Wayne Casinos!

Brian Azzarello writing this does intrigue me, and alternate reality Batman stories are usually pretty fun, but portraying Bruce Wayne as a rich casino owner? Still not that interested.


Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art by GEORGE PEREZ and SCOTT KOBLISH Cover by GEORGE PEREZ FLASH FACT! One among them will betray them all!

Peter Milligan and George Perez! Those names alone make me want to read this title. Who are the other Secret Seveners and what are they about? Shade, the Changing Man is on the cover, so plus. And is that Enchantress behind him?


Written by REX OGLE and others; Art by PAULO SIQUIERA; Cover by SHANE DAVIS FLASH FACT! Everything you know changed in a flash – but how?

Well, that description, unlike most of the rest, says it all. But why do we even need a companion book? Can’t we get the hows in the main book? If not, then why not just extend the main series by an issue or three (or fit it in the current number of issues)? The curious part of me wants to get this book, but considering the great disappointment that was DC Universe: Legacies, I don’t know….


Written by SCOTT KOLINS Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS FLASH FACT! He loves someone he should not!

The portrayal of Captain Cold over the last few years has changed my mind about this character, and I am actually considering getting this series based on that alone. Unfortunately, I do not care for Scott Kolins’s art.


Written by JIMMY PALMIOTTI Art and cover by JOE BENNETT and JOHN DELL FLASH FACT! He will stop at nothing to find his lost treasure!

Aside from Jimmy Palmiotti’s involvement, this interests me not at all. I do not find Deathstroke engaging anymore, not even alternate versions of him.


Written by TONY BEDARD Art and cover by ARDIAN SYAF and VICENTE CIFUENTES FLASH FACT! He will drown the world – then rule it!

A despotic Aquaman? Coupled with a lackluster writer? No thank you.


Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art by IBRAIM ROBERSON Cover by DOUG MAHNKE FLASH FACT! They can’t survive unless they find their maker!

Hmm, can a Frankenstein story not written by Grant Morrison be any good? This title does intrigue me just because the lead character is so offbeat from the normal superhero fair. I’m also interested to see if Jeff Lamire is up to doing something like this (no, I haven’t read Sweet ToothSuperboy is the only thing of Lamire’s that I’ve read so far and while it’s not bad, it’s not exactly lighting my world on fire either).


Written by J.T. KRUL Art by MIKEL JANIN Cover by CLIFF CHIANG FLASH FACT! For their last performance – an escape act!

Hmm, I like both Deadman and Dick Grayson, and J. T. Krul is not a bad writer, so I am very intrigued by this mini. Yet again, however, I am not familiar with the artist. Tangent: when I read “an escape act”, I immediately go to Mr. Miracle.


Written by ADAM GLASS Art by RODNEY BUCHEMI and JOSE MARZAN, JR. Cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA FLASH FACT! They have to kill the president!

I understand wanting to showcase the Flash villains in a Flash-centric event, but Heatwave has never interested me, unlike Capt. Cold. And how many stories have we read about villains having to kill the president? The creators here do nothing to convince me to read this title.


Written by DAN ABNETT and ANDY LANNING Art by SCOTT CLARK and DAVID BEATY Cover by ED BENES FLASH FACT! If she can’t have the world – no one will!

Abnet and Lanning writing?! With Ed Benes covers! Also, I love Wonder Woman. This is definitely on the short list.


Written by STERLING GATES Art by OLIVER NOME Cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL FLASH FACT! Where is he? Or should we say when?

Bart Allen has become a character that I actually like, even when he’s not written by Geoff Johns. The description suggests to me that Bart may be outside the influence of the universe changing phenomenon behind Flashpoint, so I may get this to see if that’s true and wht it all means.


Written by DAN ABNETT and ANDY LANNING Art by EDDY NUNEZ Cover by EDDY NUNEZ and SANDRA HOPE FLASH FACT! She is ready to reveal the Amazons’ secret!

Hmm, Lois Lane AND Amazons? Abnett and Lanning again? If I get the Wonder Woman mini, I should probably get this.


Written by JAMES ROBINSON; Art by JAVI FERNANDEZ; Cover by KEVIN NOWLAN FLASH FACT! He won’t join the war! (It could dirty his new suit.)

The name Outsider and the cover image makes me wonder if this has something to do with Alfred having been The Outsider all those years ago (but I doubt it; some version of Lex Luthor maybe?). Somewhat interested.


Written by ADAM SCHLAGMAN Art by BEN OLIVER Cover by RAGS MORALES FLASH FACT! He never got the ring!

*YAWN* What? He’s just a test pilot? Pass. (Okay, I’m sure there’s more to it than he missed out on becoming Green Lantern and flying jets, but still….)


Plot by SCOTT SNYDER Script by LOWELL FRANCIS Art and cover by GENE HA FLASH FACT! They experimented on him in a lab for years!

I’m assuming we get a Kal-EL falls into a government’s/corporation’s (Luthor?!) hands type story. I’m interested only because I love Superman, but this terse description does little for me.



Written by SEAN RYAN Art by IG GUARA Cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL FLASH FACT! Africa belongs to him!

Another Flash supporting character. No creators that interest me, so no thanks.


Written by SEAN RYAN Art by JOEL GOMEZ Cover by ARDIAN SYAF and VICENTE CIFUENTES FLASH FACT! He’s more powerful than ever…

Hmm, considering how much a role Prof. Zoom played in bringing back Barry Allen Flash, it might be worthwhile to see how this character plays within Flashpoint.



No thanks. Green Arrow doesn’t interest me anymore. Especially when he’s been turned into Tony Stark.


Written by MIKE CARLIN Art and cover by RAGS MORALES FLASH FACT! His power is his curse!

Okay, this is a total throw-away character, but I love the name. It’s quirky enough to make me seriously consider getting this one. Also, is this the same creature shown chasing after Lois Lane in her mini?

Verdict: NO to 7 of these; MAYBE to 6 (with 4 teetering towards Yes); and YES to 7. Wow. I honestly didn’t think I would be interested in that many tie-ins to Flashpoint. I really thought I would get 3-4 of these, but 7-11 out of 20?! Considering how hum-drum I feel about Flashpoint, this is just weird. I think I need to get some rest…. ;)

What Flashpoint titles are you getting?

6 thoughts on “On Flashpoint Tie-ins, or WTF?

  1. Leonard Snart's Gun April 9, 2011 / 10:49 am

    I’ll be picking up at least the first issue of all of these, but I do have reservations about some of them.

    Abin Sure – The Green Lantern: A couple of years ago when I got back into comics, if you told me I’d be a Green Lantern fan, I would have laughed in your face. Since the Sinestro Corps War I’ve just been digging this universe more and more.

    Batman – Knight of Vengeance: Oh look, another Batman book.

    Secret Seven: It looks like some weird Secret Six/Vertigo mashup, so I’m in.

    The World of Flashpoint: I’m hoping this just isn’t another “stuff we couldn’t wedge into the main title” book, but it probably will be. I appreciate that they want to flesh the world out more, but I don’t understand why they don’t do that stuff in the main books.

    Citizen Cold: Are you kidding me? Bought and bought.

    Deathstroke – The Curse of Ravager: This is one of the least interesting to me.

    Emperor Aquaman: I’ve been liking Aquaman more due to his inclusion in Brightest Day, but I have to admit that my main draw to his world at this time is Black Manta. Having him with a more angry, hardcore personality might be cool though.

    Frankenstein – Creatures of the Unknown: I just re-read Seven Soldiers of Victory and Frankenstein was awesome in that. Also hoping they put the Bride in it too.

    Deadman and the Flying Graysons: Honestly, if the interior art is like the exterior art, I don’t care if the story is mediocre. The art fits it so well – looks just like a carnival poster! – and I’ve also become more of a Deadman fan thanks to his stint as Liveman in Brightest Day.

    Legion of Doom starring Heatwave: If it’s a reimagining of the Legion of Doom with Heatwave at the top, yes, I’m in. Heatwave is the flip side of Captain Cold, so it will be interesting to see if they actually pit them against one another. I’m also wondering if they are going to shift the other Rogues into the positions of power in the LoD.

    Wonder Woman and the Furies: I don’t know about this one. I’ve had enough of Diana being a psychotic running around punching people out.

    Kid Flash starring Bart Allen: This one doesn’t really excite me all that much, but it looks like it might be a cornerstone of the event.

    Lois Lane and the Resistance: Yes, I will be getting this one. I like turning Lois from a reporter into a revolutionary, even if I’m not sure what she’s fighting against yet (Cole?).

    The Outsider: Looks like Rex Mason to me. He did spend a lot of time in the Outsiders.

    Hal Jordan: Yes. I do want to see what they envision Hal doing if he wasn’t a Green Lantern.

    Project Superman: Yeah, I’ll try it, but – not only am I not a Superman fan – I think this was already done in Marvel’s Supreme Power.

    Grodd of War: I’ll check it out, but it’s nothing I’m expecting to fall in love with.

    The Reverse Flash: My least favorite of the Flash villains, but I’ll give it a try, especially since (like Bart Allen) it might be a lynchpin of the series.

    Green Arrow Industries: The current Green Arrow is wearing on me, so this might give that a shot in the arm. That is a pretty funny Stark comparison though =)

    The Canterbury Cricket: This has got to be Ambush Bug. I’m not all that big a fan of his, but it’s too quirky to not pick up.

    Why yes, I am going to be broke.


    • Eric P. I. April 9, 2011 / 1:22 pm

      Man, I hear you about going broke. I like your idea of getting the first issues.

      “I’m not sure what she’s fighting against yet (Cole?)” LOL!

      “Project Superman: Yeah, I’ll try it, but – not only am I not a Superman fan – I think this was already done in Marvel’s Supreme Power.” Thank you! I had the same feeling about it, but couldn’t put my finger on why.

      I hadn’t considered that the Cricket could be an alt Ambush Bug–interesting thought.


  2. oddfellow April 9, 2011 / 9:10 am

    To some degree I am going to LOVE this event even if it stinks. Why, because not a single lick of it is happening in any of the books I collect it seems. It’s all in the main title and these other minis and one shots. I was freaking out at how much my bill for June comics last night so I kinda added it up and this even doesn’t have any more books than any of DC other events. They are just packaging them differently and I think I may be really happy about that packaging. Anyway, onto the titles themselves…

    ABIN SUR – THE GREEN LANTERN: Well it has Green Lantern in the title so I’ll pass. The last 2 years have been Lantern centric in the DCU…PLEASE STOP NOW! just *yawn* and yeah, yawn.

    BATMAN – KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE: covers alone will sell me, have you seen issue 2’s? Decent writer and it’s Batman alt universe. I’ll be getting it.

    SECRET SEVEN #1: Milligan alone means I’m getting this. Shade the changing man: always a favorite. Plus Amethyst is going to be in it and I’m interesting in what DC will do with her.

    THE WORLD OF FLASHPOINT: I’m getting this because it has Traci 13 in it! But it could really sink because Ogle is writing and he wrote the Traci 13/Black Alice/Zatara back up in the Titans that I hated. I’m hoping for more “editorial” control on this to make it better.

    CITIZEN COLD: figure I’ll get this and see what the character is all about and our mutual friend/comics reader at the Comic Rogue( http://leonardsnartsgun.wordpress.com/ ) would hunt me down if I don’t :)

    DEATHSTROKE – THE CURSE OF RAVAGER: Getting it for the writer and I’m okay with Deathstroke.

    EMPEROR AQUAMAN: Aquaman by himself doesn’t interest me at all. The new main ongoing title doesn’t interest me at all. Aquaman on the JLA I’m fine with, he is interesting there, Aquaman on the Batman: Brave and the Bold I’m fine with because he is hilarious, Aquaman just doing his own thing…big big yawn.

    The only thing that might make be get this comic is the writer you are calling lack luster and I think you are *CRAZY* for that coment! Bedard rocks, he writes or has written most of my favorite titles: Birds of Prey, REBELS, Outsiders… I’d be getting his Emerald Warriors if it wasn’t a stinking Lantern book.

    FRANKENSTEIN – CREATURES of the UNKNOWN: Yes I’ll be getting it, the character is too cool to turn down.

    DEADMAN AND THE FLYING GRAYSONS: This just sounds like fun and can’t see a reason not to get it.

    LEGION OF DOOM STARRING HEATWAVE: cover looks cool but I have no interest in this title.

    WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES: It’s Wonder Woman kicking ass so I’m in!

    KID FLASH LOST STARRING BART ALLEN: I’d buy 10 of these if it meant he’d never be in the Teen Titans again! Please oh please! Anyway, I have zero interest in the character but I’m sure it will be written well by Sterning Gates.

    LOIS LANE AND THE RESISTANCE: I like kickass Lois Lane so I’m getting this and hoping it’s kickass.

    THE OUTSIDER: I passed on ordering this one, I’ll look at it on the “stands” and see what it’s really about.

    HAL JORDAN: boring green lantern without the lantern…I’m not sure I can *yawn* anymore…sure I can! *yawn*

    PROJECT SUPERMAN : Not much of a Superman fan but Snyder is writing this, so this is another I’m going to wait and see what it looks like and pick it up on the “stands” maybe.

    GRODD OF WAR: I like Gorilla City. It’s only 1 issue. I’ll get it.

    THE REVERSE FLASH: No interest in this maybe because I have no real interest or investment in Flash himself.

    GREEN ARROW INDUSTRIES: It’s Green Arrow. Duh, I’ll be getting it. :)

    THE CANTERBURY CRICKET: Sounds fun, it’s 1 issue, I’ll be getting it.


    • Eric P. I. April 9, 2011 / 1:17 pm

      “KID FLASH LOST STARRING BART ALLEN: I’d buy 10 of these if it meant he’d never be in the Teen Titans again!”

      This made me laugh.

      “It’s Green Arrow. Duh, I’ll be getting it.”

      I figured you’d say that. :)

      I do agree with you about keeping FP out of other books (mostly true–there is an issue of Booster Gold I read about), but if it does catch on, I’m sure we’ll see that change (like they did with the one issue returns of canceled series during Blackest Night).


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