New Comics Wednesday (3/30/11)

So, last weekend was eaten up by building a computer from almost all new parts and playing with my new shiny, not to mention having to actually spend time with the family. Net result: I’m behind on my comic reading and reviews. To make matters worse (better?), here are the comics I’m getting this week:

  • Incognito Bad Influences #5–Sigh. It’s over. Now I have to wait a while (a year?) for the next installment.
  • Scarlet #5
  • Spider-Girl #5–I see that this series is ending in June. I actually just picked up issues 1-4 mostly because of one of those preview pamphlets that Marvel puts out got me intrigued by this character. Wait to go Marvel. Get me hooked and then take it away. You really know how to keep customers coming back.
  • Teen Titans #93
  • Wonder Woman #609
  • Zatanna #11

It occurs to me I never wrote about All-Star Superman, the latest animated movie from DC. Overall, it was a nice adaptation, but it wasn’t as good as some previous films. As usual, the animation style reflected Frank Quitely’s art well enough. I liked the voice actors’ portrayals, especially Superman’s, voiced by James Denton. Christina Hendricks did a good job as Lois Lane, but really, no one stood out (and I didn’t care for Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor).

I found it interesting in one way because this is a Last Superman film, i.e., he “dies” in it and doesn’t come back. Thinking in terms of the average, non-comic book reading crowd, this seems like a mis-step on DC’s part. Your signature hero loses in the end? That’s not how it’s supposed to happen, dammit! :) Or do they not care about the expectations of the general audience? Are they only producing these films for die-hard fans like me who already know the (Grant Morrison) story? I feel like I’m being overly picky. I did like the film, but I guess I wanted more than what I had already read (which, of course, is so much better than 76 minutes of this film could convey).

I suggest borrowing this from a DC fan, or adding it to your Netflix queue, but it’s definitely not a must-buy.

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