Pull List Review (3/2/11 Comics + 1)

My god, my desk’s full of comics! So I guess I should stop being so slovenly and get some reviews done! :)

Brightest Day #21: J’onn J’onzz is the latest victim of the serial killer commonly known as Deadman. Heh. The latest chapter of J’onn’s story comes to a close as he defeats D’kay (thank god) and willingly succumbs to whatever the white light has in store for him. Instead of being burnt up or washed away (again: heh), J’onn is absorbed into the Earth. Does this mean that J’onn will be the new guardian of the White Light? I doubt it, but it would be interesting that a Martian becomes the protector of the Earth. Also, J’onn can fly really, really fast. In the space of three panels, he has taken D’kay from Mars to our Moon, and two panels later they’re at the sun! That’s a distance of 142 million miles (average) in five panels, plus, he’s talking in space! Characters in the DCU talk about Superman as if he’s the most powerful super being on Earth, but I think it’s J’onn. :)

Green Lantern #63: I have been really loving the multicolor covers of this series. Anyhoo, I don’t mind revisionism. It adds complexity to what was perhaps a boring idea or character, but sometimes it makes me go hmm. The interesting bit of this issue isn’t what Hal is doing, rather it’s the new history of Krona as revealed to Hal and the color guard. First, he and the Guardians of old are shown wearing white robes with the white lantern symbol on the chest (or maybe I’ve missed that before?). Then, when Krona is escaping his sentence for attempting to look back into the creation of the universe, he is shown wielding the green energies we are all familiar with. So, Krona invented the green power battery and gave the Guardians the idea for the Green Lantern Corps? Finally, after he is caught, Krona tells the Guardians to beware his power, the lantern’s light. Really? Now Krona is partially responsible for the green lantern oath? Mr. Johns, you have gone too far, sir! Hal came up with that oath in some ridiculous way back in the 60s and that’s how it was! Hrmph. ;) Looking forward to next issue as it appears to be focused on the Earth-based Green Lanterns.

Incognito: Bad Influences #4: Sigh. One more issue and it’s all over for a while. The theme of the issue is that Zack realizes that he isn’t just an amoral guy trapped on the side of good, he’s actually changing, which is the whole reason I’ve been invested in this series and its predecessor. I love the idea of bad turning to good, of redemption. Can’t wait to see how this latest chapter of Incognito ends.

Irredeemable #23: Not much to talk about here (and is there ever?). I guess that means I should give it up after next issue.

Powers #7: Yeah! This is my pick of the week. I found myself chuckling out loud a few times as I read this issue. The best part of this series is always the dialog. (I wonder if Bendis’s writing is one of those things that you just either love or hate.) The opening bit between Walker and Pilgrim was just gold to me. I like the latest murder plot involving powers who think (or maybe they are?) gods among humans, and the body count of these supposed immortals is rising. But it is the characters that makes this series. It’s not all about Bendis, though. I love how Oeming shows what a character is thinking or feeling with a slight change in the face, such as slitted eyes, or a quick, mischievous smile. Good stuff.

Secret Six #31: Umm, ok. Not having read a whole lot of Secret Six, I don’t know how to take the opening scene of the issue where they’re making a commercial. On one hand, I love the idea; on the other, huh? Would they really do that? I just don’t know yet if this is in character for these characters. But I like it. Also what I like: King Shark’s dialog (it appeals to the 12-year-old in me), and Ragdoll, so I hope this latest plot point doesn’t mean that Ragdoll is leaving the book! Looking forward to what’s to come.

Teen Titans #92: What a waste of time. The one thing that amused me about this title was the inclusion of Damien (Robin), but that appears to be over, and Tim Drake is back in. Now, I don’t mind that Tim is back with Conner, Bart, and Cassie, but at least Damien brought some life to the comic, and he played well off of Ravager. I think I may be dropping this soon.

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