New Comics Wednesday (3/16/11)

Oh my god I’ve been lazy! It took me a couple weeks to get over my cold, plus I was just tired (but a very good tired) from the Emerald City Comicon–I may have O.D.’ed on comics! :D Anyway, more stuff coming soon! This is what I’m buying this week:

  • Adventure Comics #524
  • Brightest Day #22
  • DC Universe: Legacies #10–Thankfully, this is ending.
  • Ruse #1–This was my favorite of the CrossGen series, so I’m anxious and excited for the return.
  • Superman #709
  • Unwritten #23
  • Xombi #1–I enjoyed the one issue in which Xombi appeared in Brave and the Bold, so I’m going to see if this first issue grabs me.

I recently picked up a couple series that were pretty good. First of all, Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. is excellent (though I still need to get #4). Second, and this is so weird for me to write because it’s another Marvel series, Spider-Girl was also enjoyable. I didn’t care for the art changes so early in the series, especially since Clayton Henry’s art is so nice looking for this book–if you’re starting a new book, inconsistent art is a turn off.

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