Emerald City Comicon, Day 3

*Sigh* It’s over. Why do I always feel sad at the end of this con?

Anyway, my day started by walking the show floor some more to see whatever I’d missed. That turned out to be more comic retailers so, of course, I had to buy some more comics.

Then I was off to the DC Sunday Conversation panel, where Bob Harras was by himself and asked for con attendees to tell their comics origin stories. I left that one early to look for some more comics since my wife had found a retailer with a huge amount of titles that I was looking for.

After parting with more of my money, I went to the Dark Horse panel. I was pleasantly surprised when Felicia Day walked in and spoke for about ten minutes about The Guild comics (it was revealed that the first trade was the second best selling trade for Dark Horse). Then the majority of the panel was taken up by the antics of the 6-year-old co-creator of Axe Cop. I think the editor of the comic is very patient and good with kids. I, however, was turned off on the title because of the performance I endured. All was not lost, though. Eventually, I got some information about some Whedonverse titles. Buffy Season 9 will come out in September and will last 25 issues. Also, Buffy will have a Season 10. Angel will be out in August.

Next was a Marvel panel. Really the only interesting bit of news was that Nick Spencer was announced as the newest Marvel exclusive member. I have to admit though, at least the Marvel guys were giving out some information, unlike DC.

I left this panel early as well so that my wife & I could finish our patrol of the show floor and buy our kids some presents. While doing that, I came across some prints that made me go “wow!”. I ended up buying 5 of these prints by John Tyler Christopher. His negative space renditions are amazing.

You can see more of Mr. Christopher’s work at his Facebook page.

Then, like that, we were done. I kind of wandered around aimlessly, not yet ready to leave, but leave we did. I had a good to great time, with the great being spending the weekend with my wife as well as the scores I made with my comic wish list (I cannot believe I found all those 1970s Superboy issues, let alone the DC Digests!). I also really enjoyed hanging out with Mr. Oddfellow and his family.

I’m looking forward to attending the next, and 10th, Emerald City Comicon in 2012.

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