Emerald City Comicon, Day 2

Day 2 started out well enough. The Skewed & Reviewed panel contained some interesting film news:

  • Loki and/or the Skrulls will be the villain in the Avengers.
  • Chris Pine has been approached to do the Flash film.
  • Apparently Warner has been so impressed with the dailies from the Green Lantern film that they’re already talking sequel.

Other film news:

  • X-Files 3 may be coming and might be about the December, 2012 phenomenon.
  • A prequel/sequel to Blade Runner is in the works.
  • Warner has given JJ Abrams a lot o money for the next Star Trek.

Most of the rest of the day was spent indulging in media guest Q&As.

The Guild panel was probably the most fun. It was great to finally see Felicia Day, but Wil Wheaton made the panel a whole lot more interesting.

Next up was Jonathan Frakes & Brent Spiner. They played well off each other, but they were also a bit sarcastic towards their fans, starting off the session by asking, then answering a few of the many repeated questions they’ve received from fans over the years. Regardless, Spiner does a great Patrick Stewart impression.

Next came an abbreviated Buffy panel in which James Marsters told some fun stories about his time on the show. I say “abbreviated” because previous panels went long, and because William Shatner would follow.

Mr. Shatner was a surprisingly good storyteller and, of course, funny, too. Also, punctual. His panel ended right when it was supposed to.

My day ended with a repeat of the DC panel from yesterday, which is to say I learned nothing from DC. It was somewhat frustrating that all DC had to offer was “we can’t tell you” and “we’ll discuss that at the Monday morning editorial meeting”. And why even have the various creators present if they aren’t there to hype their books? DC really dropped the ball at this con.

That’s it. One more day and my wonderful weekend is over.

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