Emerald City Comicon, Day 1

So, day 1 of the 3 day 2011 Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) has concluded. I had a great day all around, despite my still being sick (can’t seem to shake this cold).

The day started with the Image Comics panel. Image announced a couple titles that sounded interesting. One was Green Wake, which was inspired by Twin Peaks, so naturally I’m intrigued. Also, Near Death, which was described as crime noir, and a book that also interests me. Finally, Ron Marz discussed a series of western one-shots called Dead Lands.

Next was the DC Nation panel. I was a bit disappointed with it. The only interesting news announced was that the Batman: Earth One graphic “novel” would come out late this year or early next year. Also, the long-awaited Titans graphic novel Games is all but done and will be published in September! I loved the answer Chris Roberson gave to the question, “What are the political leanings of Superman and Batman?” Answer: Superman is above politics because he’s for everyone, and Batman’s too busy to vote. Hah!

Besides these comic panels, I enjoyed the James Marsters Q & A (I’m a Buffy & Angel fan), and the Buffy Singalong. Oh, and the Comic Twart panel was entertaining. Who knew artitsts were so funny while drawing? :)

Finally, I bought a lot of comics and was able to complete at least a few runs (Animal Man, Elementals, Fallen Angel, New Titans). That defines a great day no matter what.

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